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Unbenanntes Dokument

2011/09/02 05:38 PM


Once known from Aki Kaurismäki’s movies as “the ultimate cult band”, the band’s worldwide respected for their unique live shows. During the 20+ years they have performed more than 1000 shows in more than 60 countries. They have produced massive joint concerts with the Red Army Choir, confused audiences at the MTV Music Awards, performed with classical orchestras and played in hundreds of festivals and clubs.

The group has signed an exclusive recording deal with SPV/SPV Recordings, for the World excluding Finland.

Their new studio album “BUENA VODKA SOCIAL CLUB” will be released in October 2011 on Lim. Ed. CD, Super Jewel Case and 180g Vinyl LP.

The new album shows a band at the height of their powers and is their first studio album with original songs since 2000. “Buena Vodka Social Club” is not an ordinary album in any way. It has influences and flavors from many different genres, all mixed into a soup that only this band knows how to cook.

The current line-up consists of:

Ville Tuomi : Lead Vocals
Sakke Järvenpää : Vocals
Varre Vartiainen : Guitar
Pauli Hauta-aho : Guitar
Timo Tolonen : Bass
Sami Järvinen : Drums
Okke Komulainen : Keyboards, Accordion
Tume Uusitalo : Vocals, Guitar
Pemo Ojala : Trumpet, Mitten
Pope Puolitaival : Saxophone
Jay Kortehisto : Trombone
Anna Sainila : Dancer, Vocals
Hanna Moisala : Dancer, Vocals

Live dates are currently being set up to promote the album in European territories late 2011 and early 2012 more shows, covering various territories, are about to follow.

Frank Uhle (SPV General Manager) comments: “It´s a pleasure and honour to have these true rock´n´roll legends teaming up with SPV. I´m fully convinced, together we will bring the guys back on the map again and up to the high rating in the Rock Circus, they deserve.”

Sakke Järvenpää (Leningrad Cowboys mastermind) adds: “We're extremely happy that we have come together with SPV, they have people who still care about the music and the artists. And it's also not a bad thing that they like Vodka, too! We're back with a long term plan, Buena Vodka Social Club is the start. Thank you very many!"


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