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Unbenanntes Dokument

2013/01/18 05:18 PM

SPV / Steamhammer => VICIOUS RUMORS.....the ball is gaining speed again!

Vicious Rumors is on fire. 3 albums in 3 years! "Razorback Killers" 2011, "Live You To Death" 2012 and the new studio album "Electric Punishment" 2013 ........and the ball keeps rolling!

The legendary San Francisco bay area metal band released a new live CD "Live You To Death" last year on Steamhammer / SPV. Tight and full of energy "Live You to Death"  captures the power and excitement of the Vicious Rumors live performance! 9 live tracks with 2 Vicious Rumors style covers of Black Sabbaths " Sign of the Southern Cross" and Judas Priest "Running Wild" complete this must have live album.

No rest for the wicked . The band is in the Trident studios in San Francisco right now with Geoff Thorpe and Juan Urteaga - the same production team that brought you "Warball" ,  "Razorback Killers" and "Live You to Death". The new studio album " Electric Punishment'' will be out on Steamhammer / SPV in April 2013.

Geoff Thorpe, Brian Allen, Larry Howe , Stephen Goodwin and Thean Rasmussen are back with 9 new songs and a wicked  cover of "Strange Ways" by KISS sure to satisfy the Vicious Rumors faithfull fans." Black X List ", " D-Block " are two thrashy speed killers while "Escape (From Hell) " and "Together We Unite" add a classic flavor.  Guest appearance's by Mark McGee, Brad Gillis as well as touring guitarist Bob Capka all along with Geoff Thorpe round out this 5 man guitar gun slinger army. Its a dam "guitarmy" if you will. Its all there..... the killer guitar attack, power and speed, melody and double bass thunder and of course shredding guitar solos!!

The Vicious Rumors ball is gaining speed and rolling through your town this year...the first confirmed date is July 26th at the Headbangers Open Air in Germany. More details regarding the new studio album and live shows coming soon!!!



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