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Unbenanntes Dokument

2010/02/10 03:39 PM

SPV signed worldwide deal with art-rock newcomer FRAMES

frames There aren’t many bands in the contemporary rock universe that can describe themselves with a simple word like Hannover, Germany’s frames.  And with another six letters one can define what makes their sound stand out: unique. These four young musicians are not jumping on any bandwagon, instead forging their own musical trail. Completely instrumental, the listener is instead fully focused on the music.  A traditional rock foundation is anchored with guitar, bass and drums – and then the clouds part through the keyboards and we see a new musical world.

“We are very proud and excited to sign a worldwide deal with a label that is full of rock history. Besides their top acts SPV has shown that they also can handle special interest product with much success. We’re feeling very comfortable with our decision and looking curious into the future” says Manuel Schönfeld, keyboardist in frames.

Formed in 2007, the musicians build each track into a unique mosaic landscape – sometimes epic, heartbreaking melancholy, sometimes dark and otherworldly.  The keys easily play on the misty edge of the avant-garde pop cliff, while the guitar springs forth creating a virtual mountain range over the keys’ melodies.  But there is no cliff or mountain too high to take one away from the path of detailed musical harmony.

“I follow this band since nearly 2 years now. In this time they proved in countless shows - in front of many different audiences - that it is possible to wake emotions and enthusiasm with instrumental music. The steady musically development is unmistakable. Now the time is right for their debut album and I am happy that we could sign those great musicians from the hometown of SPV”, Frank Uhle/ SPV

The media have already put the art-rocker’s extravagance in context by awarding their 2009 “124EP” Demo of the Month in multiple publications, which led to reviews and a trip to the studio for frames.  But even more convincing than their recorded material, the band convinces even the most skeptical in the live setting, where their musical celebration really comes alive. 

“With frames we expanded our repertoire with an unique and very interesting band. frames don’t follow any trends and are a true enrichment for SPV/Steamhammer”, Olly Hahn/SPV.

Debutalbum "mosaik" Out March 29th!



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