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Unbenanntes Dokument

2013/02/21 11:21 AM

SPV / Steamhammer => FREEDOM CALL "Ages Of Light" anniversary best of album - cover/tracklisting and tourdates revealed!


- Best-Of Anniversary Album Out On 29 April 2013 -

15 years of Freedom Call, 15 years of top melodic metal with definite anthem potential: the German band surrounding vocalist/guitarist Chris Bay are set to release their anniversary offering, Ages Of Light, on 29 April 2013 (Germany: 26 April 2013,USA: 7 May 2013). Ages Of Light is a best-of double album full to the brim with the 18 most important songs from the band’s history, plus a bonus CD entitled Masqueraded featuring six Freedom Call tracks in a new, unusual guise. The stylistic range includes folk, reggae, rockabilly, ska and swing, so get ready for a surprise!

Ages Of Light combines not only the essence of the best songs from the seven Freedom Call studio recordings to date, but also marks a meeting of various former and current band members. Along with Chris Bay and guitarist Lars Rettkowitz, three different drummers can be heard on the bonus tracks: founder member Dan Zimmermann, his successors Klaus Sperling, and Ramy Ali, whom fans know from the most recent Freedom Call tour. The two bassists, Samy Saemann and original band member Ilker Ersin, and guitarist Cede Dupont, who was part of Freedom Call between 2001 and 2005, are also featured.

“It was great fun to work with old and new friends alike at the studio, turning previously typical Freedom Call numbers into unusual songs,” Chris Bay explains, stressing that the group will commence working on a new studio album after the tour in spring 2013: “But first we want to celebrate our anniversary in style!”

Tracklisting for "Ages Of Light"

CD 1 “Ages Of Light”

1. We Are One 04:57

2. Tears Falling 05:39

3. Freedom Call 05:33

4. Farewell 04:06

5. Metal Invasion (live) 07:10

6. Warriors 04:20

7. Land Of Light 03:54

8. Hunting High And Low 04:02

9. Mr. Evil 03:43

10. Far Away 03:19

11. Blackened Sun 04:39

12. Thunder God 03:31

13. Tears Of Babylon 03:38

14. A Perfect Day (live) 03:57

15. Hero On Video 03:42

16. Power & Glory 03:25

17. Rockstars 04:57

18. Back Into The Land Of Light 05:11

CD 2 “Masqueraded”

1. Metal Invasion - Metal Folk Version 04:13

2. Mr. Evil - Melodic Reggae Version 04:10

3. Hero on Video - Speed Ska Version 03:48

4. Rockin' Radio – Killerbilly Version 03:55

5. Freedom Call - Camp Fire Strumming Version 03:37

6. Age of the Phoenix - Power Swing Version 04:25


FREEDOM CALL live 2013:

03.05. D-Munich – Backstage

04.05. I-Milano - tba

05.05. I-Turin – Audiodrome Live Club

06.05. F-Lyon – Le Marche Gare

07.05. F-Paris - Le Divian de Monde

08.05. F-Colmar – Grillen

10.05. D-Michelstadt - Hüttenwerk

11.05. D-Nürnberg - Rockfabrik

29.05. SE-Gothenburg – Brew House

30.05. SE-Gävle – Maxim

31.05. SE-Borlänge – S2

01.06. SE-Norrköping – Dynamo

02.06. CZ-Plzen - Metalfest

29.06. D-Seefeld/Besenfeld – Harry`s Full Metal Party

26.07. D-Rotenburg/Wümme – Metal4Splash Festival

26.08. GB-Staffordshire – Scarfest 2013

Touragency: Dragon Productions, Germany


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