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Unbenanntes Dokument

2013/06/19 11:53 AM

SPV / Steamhammer => THE JOKERS release new single "Radio" on June 24th, song snippet available!

THE JOKERS release new single "Radio" on June 24th - Current album Rock’n‘Roll Is Alive scheduled for release on 2 September 2013

You can listen to a song snippet here:


Even if music fans on the other side of the Atlantic may beg to differ: the best and most authentic rock bands still come from the UK. The country with its long tradition of legendary groups such as The Who, Free, Mott The Hoople, The Faces and Led Zeppelin continues to be an ideal breeding ground for promising acts in 2013. So it comes as no surprise that The Jokers also hail from the UK. The four-piece consisting of brothers Paul (guitar) and Simon (bass) Hurst and their two colleagues Wane Parry (vocals) and Chris Poole (drums) has succeeded in successfully transporting classic rock music into the present without denying the illustrious past of this musical direction or lacking a contemporary and topical approach. 2 September 2013 (Germany: 30 August 2013; US/Canada: 10 September 2013) is the scheduled release date of their second album Rock’n’Roll Is Alive on Steamhammer/SPV and a red-letter day for all fans of classic rock music.

 The Jokers first came to public attention in summer 2009 when their debut album The Big Rock’n’Roll Show was released independently, achieving remarkable sales within a few months. Countless shows in seedy clubs and shady joints followed, the four musicians having only one target: to make The Jokers popular and to grow as artists. “We’re a hard-working band. We like to play as often as we can and keep learning all the time,” Paul Hurst explains. “Everything about The Jokers is honest and authentic, our sole aim is to be successful and make people happy.”

 Over almost two years, The Jokers spent a total of five months working on Rock’n’Roll Is Alive with producer Andy Macpherson (Eric Clapton, The Who, Barclay James Harvest, The Buzzcocks). The result is bound to delight all rock music fans. Hurst: “We have grown perceptibly in the past 24 months and are now ready to present an album which bears its title with justification. Rock’n’Roll is an attitude, it stands for freedom, tolerance and self-fulfilment. Rock’n’Roll Is Alive reflects all these aspects perfectly.”




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