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Unbenanntes Dokument

2013/09/03 02:16 PM

TIDES FROM NEBULA reveal new track from their eagerly anticipated new album!

Oct. 7th (EUR) / Nov 5th (N.America) will see the release of the third album from TIDES FROM NEBULA, which is entitled "Eternal Movement". The first song to be revealed from the album is ‘Only With Presence’ - Stream it directly from here!

Of the track Maciej Karbowski, guitars and keyboards says "It all started with a twisted guitar riff. I took it to the rest of the band, we played around with it for a while and out it came. We use a synthesizer bass for the first time, we loved the sound, so tasty! It’s definitely one of the best quicker tracks on the album, I love the way it builds to something with real intensity.”.
Przemek Węgłowski, the bassist in the band came up with the title of the track inspired by the book "The Power Of Now" by Eckhart Tolle.

In addition to the first new track stream the band has also revealed the tracklisting for "Eternal Movement"

1. Laughter of Gods
2. Only With Presence
3. Satori
4. Emptiness of Yours and Mine
5. Hollow Lights
6. Now Run
7. Let it Out, Let it Flow, Let it Fly
8. Up From Eden

“Eternal Movement” will be available on CD, Vinyl (incl. CD) and Download.

Following the album release TIDES FROM NEBULA will start a massive European tour supporting THE OCEAN as well as an extensive tour throughout Poland.

04.10.2013 - Poland, Łomża, MDK
05.10.2013 - Poland, Białystok, Fama
06.10.2013 - Poland, Bydgoszcz, Estrada
10.10.2013 - Poland, Łódź, Scenografia
11.10.2013 - Poland, Elblag, Mjazzga
12.10.2013 - Poland, Olsztyn, Andergrant
13.10.2013 - Poland, Poznań, Eskulap
24.10.2013 - Poland, Kraków, Kwadrat
25.10.2013 - Poland, Sosnowiec, 2doors
26.10.2013 - Poland, Chelm, Atmosfera
27.10.2013 - Poland, Lublin, Grafitti

as support for THE OCEAN:
29.10.2013 – Germany, Hamburg, Logo
30.10.2013 – Netherlands, Haarlem, Patronaat
31.10.2013 – Netherlands, Rotterdam, Baroeg
01.11.2013 – United Kingdom, London, The Garage
03.11.2013 – France, Paris, Divan du Monde
05.11.2013 – Spain, Barcelona, Apolo 2
06.11.2013 – Spain, Madrid, Caracol
07.11.2013 – Portugal, Porto, Hard Club
09.11.2013 – Italy, Turin, AudioDrome
10.11.2013 – Italy, Rome, Traffic
11.11.2013 – Slovenia, Ljubljana, Gala Hala
12.11.2013 – Germany, Munich, Backstage Club
13.11.2013 – Switzerland, Winterthur, Salzhaus
14.11.2013 – France, Belfort, La Poudriere
15.11.2013 – Germany, Essen, Zeche Carl
17.11.2013 – Germany, Berlin, Lido
18.11.2013 – Poland, Warsaw, Progresja
19.11.2013 – Poland, Wroclaw, Alibi

05.12.2013 - Poland, Gdansk, Parlament
06.12.2013 - Poland, Konin, Oskard
07.12.2013 - Poland, Szczecin, Słowianin
08.12.2013 - Poland, Toruń, Od Nowa

For more information check:

Download press material from here!


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