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Unbenanntes Dokument

2013/09/10 02:30 PM


TIDES FROM NEBULA will release their new album "Eternal Movement" on Oct. 7th (EUR) and Nov 5th (N.America). Today the band premieres the brand new music video for the song "Only With Presence" - Watch it here!

“Eternal Movement” will be available as CD Digipak, Vinyl (incl. CD) and Download.

“Eternal Movement” is TIDES FROM NEBULA’s 3rd studio album and has been produced by Christer Andre Cederberg, who produced last years ‘Weather Systems’ by Anathema amongst others. The band locked themselves away in their own studio for six months, focusing 100% on writing new material. The result, an album full of energetic, bright and uplifting tracks inspired by the bands thoughts on existence, consciousness and identity. The album title, ‘Eternal Movement’ is the movement of life, of the World. When we look at things as a microcosm, deep within the atom it’s just energy and therefore movement. All we are, all we see is movement. The ‘Eternal Movement’ sound is the bands most colourful to date. In their own words: “‘It’s energetic, full of hope and light. It’s has a greater depth of sound as we used several more guitars, different drum kits and far more keyboards than previous albums”.

Following the album release TIDES FROM NEBULA will start a massive European tour supporting THE OCEAN as well as an extensive tour throughout Poland.

04.10.2013 - Poland, Łomża, MDK
05.10.2013 - Poland, Białystok, Fama
06.10.2013 - Poland, Bydgoszcz, Estrada
10.10.2013 - Poland, Łódź, Scenografia
11.10.2013 - Poland, Elblag, Mjazzga
12.10.2013 - Poland, Olsztyn, Andergrant
13.10.2013 - Poland, Poznań, Eskulap
24.10.2013 - Poland, Kraków, Kwadrat
25.10.2013 - Poland, Sosnowiec, 2doors
26.10.2013 - Poland, Chelm, Atmosfera
27.10.2013 - Poland, Lublin, Grafitti

as support for THE OCEAN:
29.10.2013 – Germany, Hamburg, Logo
30.10.2013 – Netherlands, Haarlem, Patronaat
31.10.2013 – Netherlands, Rotterdam, Baroeg
01.11.2013 – United Kingdom, London, The Garage
03.11.2013 – France, Paris, Divan du Monde
05.11.2013 – Spain, Barcelona, Apolo 2
06.11.2013 – Spain, Madrid, Caracol
07.11.2013 – Portugal, Porto, Hard Club
09.11.2013 – Italy, Turin, AudioDrome
10.11.2013 – Italy, Rome, Traffic
11.11.2013 – Slovenia, Ljubljana, Gala Hala
12.11.2013 – Germany, Munich, Backstage Club
13.11.2013 – Switzerland, Winterthur, Salzhaus
14.11.2013 – France, Belfort, La Poudriere
15.11.2013 – Germany, Essen, Zeche Carl
17.11.2013 – Germany, Berlin, Lido
18.11.2013 – Poland, Warsaw, Progresja
19.11.2013 – Poland, Wroclaw, Alibi

05.12.2013 - Poland, Gdansk, Parlament
06.12.2013 - Poland, Konin, Oskard
07.12.2013 - Poland, Szczecin, Słowianin
08.12.2013 - Poland, Toruń, Od Nowa

For more information check:

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