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Unbenanntes Dokument

2013/09/09 02:24 PM

New Album Piece Of Cake Scheduled For Release In October 2013, Tour with Mad Max in November

Brimming with confidence and justifiable pride Dutch rock band Vengeance have announced the release of their latest album Piece Of Cake: “People can expect what to my ears is the best Vengeance album to date,” declares guitarist Timo Somers, “the songs are a nice blend of old school Vengeance (think Arabia) and some more modern sounding songs. This time the instrumental side of the band is really outspoken, it features a lot of nice intros, solos and instrumental pieces. And to top it off, Leon sounds better than ever.”

The band released a snippet of the new song "World Arena" - you can listen to it here!

"Piece Of Cake" Tracklisting:
1. World Arena 04:39
2. Tears From The Moon 03:40
3. Raintime Preload 00:36
4. Raintime 03:31
5. Sandman 05:08
6. Back To Square One 04:54
7. Headquake 03:44
8. Train 05:07
9. Mirrors 03:15
10. Piece Of Cake 03:27
11. Goodbye Mother Sky 06:30

Piece Of Cake will be released on 28 October 2013 (Germany: 25 October 2013, USA/Canada: 5 November 2013), before Vengeance embark on their European tour with labelmates Mad Max: “This is a double tour together with Mad Max to celebrate our new albums being released on the same day. I’m pretty sure we’ll be on tour in spring 2014 as well – we’re working on that at the moment.” Here are the dates for autumn 2014:

06.11. D-Hamburg – Ballroom/R`n`R Warehouse
07.11. D-Osnabrück – Bastard Club
08.11. CH-Pratteln – Rock Power Festival
09.11. NL-Tilburg – Cafe Extase
10.11. D-Frankfurt – Zoom
11.11. D-Nürnberg – Rockfabrik
12.11. D-Augsburg – Spectrum Club
13.11. D-Essen – Turock

Touragency: Continental Concerts
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