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The Arkanes
Label: SPV Recordings
Release: 25.04.2014
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Buckle Up and Shove It
Peter Pan Speedrock
Label: Steamhammer
Release: 30.05.2014
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V8 Wankers

Location: Munich‘s Oktoberfest, the Mecca of all fun fair fans: V8 Wankers invite their fans for a big knees-up, and they’re feeling generous: Got Beer? This is the standard question at a festival of this size, after all what would a tour of the beer tents be like without that quaffable barley pop? And what would it be like without music? Some may call for a brass band or German pop music, but what if you happen to be into rock’n’roll, dirty jokes, witty lyrics and noisy guitar riffs? In that case, V8 Wankers are your best bet! Their latest album Got Beer? is pure-bred rock’n’roll, complete with a snotty punk attitude and a brilliant sense of humour. The Wankers are all about classic male topics, such as music, cars, women and beer. And things get pretty gruff, after all, according to vocalist Lutz Vegas: “Got Beer? features those raw trademarks which our fans have come to expect from us. Our slightly more pop-oriented predecessor, Iron Crossroads, was a kind of intermezzo, mainly due to the fact that producer Uwe Lulis was not available after he had been injured in a motorbike accident. Now Uwe is back and has brushed the new material brilliantly against the grain.”

Talking of which: Uwe Lulis not only produced Got Beer? and recorded the lead guitars, he was also involved in the songwriting process, which has resulted in amazing riffs, great hooks and lots of energy, as well as the odd experimental approach. “People who are into kick-arse music will love numbers such as ‘Got Beer?’, ‘Long Spoon’ and ‘She’s Nitro’,” Lutz Vegas promises, adding: “By the way, ‘She’s Nitro’ is dedicated to porn actress Lena Nitro, Videorama’s new shooting star.” V8 Wankers have already worked with Videorama and actress Vivian Schmitt, and this time around Lena Nitro got the Wankers’ fame-and-honour treatment.

Mind you: Got Beer? Not only has that chavvy flair that the Wankers stand for and that their fans love with a vengeance, but also a number of more comprehensive (perhaps you could call them: experimental) orientations. ‘Drowned In Tears’ comes across pretty goth-oriented, bringing to mind Billy Idol at the same time. ‘Frankie’s Tiki Room’ is ruled by surf elements, and ‘Road Hog’ features some dusty desert rock. This diversity is also expressed in a number of lyrics which are still pure fun, although the slapstick factor has been perceptibly reduced. Lutz Vegas: “Perhaps we’ve achieved a certain degree of maturity, but not to worry: the Wankers still don’t show any symptoms of old age, and we’re not about to kick the bucket.”

A maturing process which is probably also due to the close, almost family-like situation within the band. This group lives by the motto: once a Wanker, always a Wanker! Once you’ve joined, you’ll always be a part of the family. The current personnel situation is also marked by this aspect: Danny Diamond has moved on to the rhythm guitar, Blind Ferenc now playing lead. Marc De Vil is back on bass, and V8 Wankers will be supported by their crony Oliver ‘Himmi’ Himmighoffen (ex-ASP) on drums. As Himmi wasn’t available at the start of the production, Sascha Waack (Guildo Horn) filled in for him, and Simone Wenzel, whom producer Lulis still knows from their joint stint in Rebellion, contributed some background vocals. “We’re a tightly knit outfit which welcomes back every musician who has ever played for us,” Lutz Vegas explains. “It’s only natural that musicians come and go and have to be replaced in the course of a 13-year career, and be it only temporarily. In that respect, the Wankers are similar to my friends, Rose Tattoo. We both uphold that classic rock’n’roll tradition that a band should stick together like glue.”

So the table has been set: V8 Wankers have recorded 16 tight songs for Got Beer?, and all 16 will be released. Each of the formats will feature 15 numbers, another song having been saved as a bonus track. To present this haunting new album to the public, V8 Wankers, together with director Dirk Behlau of the renowned The Pixeleye studios (Leningrad Cowboys, Motörhead), shot a video clip to support the title song. Where? At the Oktoberfest in Munich of course, where else!? Got Beer?

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