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You say france & I whistle

You Say France & I Whistle was born out of the frustration of having played in too many “cool” pop bands without any love. In their cold Swedish environment, the band members wanted to share some colourfulness that could spread throughout people. But when every stage had a smoke machine it wasn’t that easy to reach out. Though with a little bit of creative playfulness and a lot of hugs the band has since then succeeded to find a mixture of loving warmth and energetic frustration that seems to be able to reach out to almost anyone.
“You say france & I whistle rock the pop”
The band was formed in 2006 and contains five members, all from a suburb outside of Stockholm, Sweden. The first demo was released in March 2007, dressed up in a cloth cover handmade by the band members in an effort to renew the packaging of CD:s. The first gig was out on a porch on a tiny street party arranged by some neighbours. After that the band started playing shows in various clubs around Sweden, but for that matter, they never stopped playing in more unexpected places such as shop windows, small apartments and public toilets.
The first EP was released in 2008, also covered in cloth. The band made an art exhibition in search for new ways to release and represent music, where every song on the EP had a visual representation created by the band members. That year the amount of gigs played grew rapidly and the band played at some festivals for upcoming bands. At that time, YSF&IW started to develop their live performance, and with great live music came also a huge amount of teddy bears and other various stuffed animals as prop on stage. The colourful animals represented their music and became quickly one of the bands token. People often partyed and danced with the funny creatures during live shows.
In 2010 the shows spread throughout Sweden as the reputation spread. The buzz had taken YSF&IW to a new level: no more chasing gigs - the band got booked. In april the band headlined at the biggest rock club in Stockholm instead of New Young Pony Club (that got stuck in London due to the ash cloud thingy), in front of 700 dancing people, and in that same summer they played at two of the biggest festival in Sweden (The Peace & Love Festival and The Malmö Festival). Later that year the band played on the national TV4 morning show and Tiger Jeans Sweden chose YSF&IW for their Dressing Room Sessions campaign.
In 2011 the french fashion company Costume National (C’N’C) invited YSF&IW to Milan Fashion Week to play on their fashion show, where bands like the Killers, Temper trap and the Kills have played before them. After that the band released their EP “Angry Boy” on their own label, You Say Corporate, in Europe, and went on a 10 day tour in Germany. Around that time the music video for the song “OMG” got over 130 000 views on, the song “When Lovers Die” peaked at 17 in the Indie Disco Chart and “OMG” got plenty of air play in many radio stations around Germany.
After a successful US promo and showcase visit, incl. highly critically acclaimed live appearances at Culture Collide and CMJ, the band has been invited to SXSW and Midem for special shows. Back in Sweden they currently prepare the promotion setup for the new album and get ready for a European tour early 2012.
Major accomplishments:
&#9679 The band has played over 100 shows in Sweden and around Europe.
&#9679 The band has played six of the biggest festivals in Sweden Peace & Love, Hultsfred, Umeå Open, Malmö festival, Euro Pride and Popaganda.
&#9679 The band has filled up Debaser Medis, the biggest rock club in Stockholm.
&#9679 The band has played live on the biggest TV morning show in Sweden.
&#9679 The song “Can you feel it”, written by You Say France & I Whistle, got performed by One Night Only in a worldwide Coca Cola campaign.
&#9679 The band has several other songs placed in commercials for, amongst others GAP, Orbit Gum/Wrigley, Mc Donalds and Viasat.
&#9679 Tiger Jeans Sweden chose the band as one of the hottest Swedish indie acts for their Dressing Room Sessions.
&#9679 The band has played in Milan Fashion Week for the french fashion company Costume National (C’N’C).
&#9679 The music video for OMG has got over a 100 000 views on, one of the leading video sites in Germany.
&#9679 They will do a showcase on Popkomm 2011 in Berlin
&#9679 They are representing Sweden for Culture Collide in Los Angeles 2011
&#9679 They are officially invited for CMJ in NYC 2011

Sounds like:
&#9679 The Cure, with more happiness
&#9679 Shout Out Louds, with more energy
&#9679 Vampire Weekend, with more rock
&#9679 Arcade Fire, with more pop

Claes Carlström - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Percussion, Accordion and improvised dance moves.
Ida Hedene - Lead Vocals, Keys, Melodica, Cowbells, Washboard and great yoga exercises.
Patrik Marcus - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keys and Crowd surfing.
Petter Wesslander - Drums, Percussion and Screams of both joy and frustration.
Christian Wester - Bass, Back. Vocals, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele, Tambourine and Hamburgers

You Say France & I Whistle
Präsentiert von, Byte.FM, Bedroomdisco, Virtual Nights

25.01.12 D-Hamburg – Kutlurhaus III&70
27.01.12 D-Leipzig – Werk 2
28.01.12 F-Cannes – Midem
29.01.12 F-Cannes – Midem
31.01.12 D-Frankfurt – Silbergold
01.02.12 D-Münster – Amp
02.02.12 D-Stuttgart – Zwoelfzehn
03.02.12 D-München – Atomic Cafe
04.02.12 CH-Wil – Gare De Lion
05.02.12 CH-Luzern – Konzerthaus Schüür
07.02.12 D-Heidelberg – Häll
08.02.12 D-Berlin – Comet Club
09.02.12 D-Haldern – Haldern Pop Bar
10.02.12 D-Bremen – Tower
11.02.12 D-Dortmund – 023
12.02.12 NL-Amsterdam – Paradiso
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