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“On our new album we more than ever felt an artistic obligation to our fans to give them a really big-sounding record,” says Katon W. De Pena the vocalist of the American thrash metal act HIRAX. He is referring to Immortal Legacy, the latest release by his band which – there can be no doubt about that – will cause a definite stir on the international thrash metal scene. “Our philosophy has always been to remember where we come from and stay true to our roots. Our fans know that we will never let them down and that they have helped to raise us up to a level with bands such as Slayer, Sodom, Kreator, Exodus, Overkill, Testament, Annihilator and many others. This record proves that we are at the top of our game musically!”
According to Katon W. De Pena, the reason for this, is a line-up which agrees 100% on the group’s stylistic direction and has brought to bear its full energy to make Immortal Legacy the masterpiece it is. Lance Harrison (lead guitars) is Katon’s co-writing partner. “Lance is a riff-writing master and a major force to reckon with! Nicknamed the Shred Baron for obvious reasons. He believes in heavy metal 100%.” His younger brother Steve (bass guitar) is an important part of the HIRAX sound: “Nobody plays bass like him! There is a unique sound and bond between Steve and his brother. As a bass player, he is a true musician.” Last but not least there’s Jorge Iacobellis (drums and percussions), born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Iacobellis is a seasoned veteran who plays with lots of heart and soul. Katon: “The best way I can describe his drumming style is loud and powerful.”

This constellation has seen HIRAX record more than a dozen scalding hot thrash metal tracks which combine an amazing number of variations. Katon: “This is probably our most diverse album ever. I think there is something for every heavy metal fan on this record! Obviously I’m very proud of it.” Rightly so, because a number such as ‘Hellion Rising’ is straight out of the HIRAX vein – very true to their original in-your-face thrash metal! The most unusual song on the record must be ‘The World Will Burn’. Katon: “You have to hear it to believe it.” His favourite track on this record changes daily, “but if I had to decide today, it would be ‘Black Smoke’, along with the title track ‘Immortal Legacy’. Once you hear them you will never forget them.”

The new songs were produced by Bill Metoyer (Slayer, Armored Saint, W.A.S.P., Sacred Reich). HIRAX already worked with him back in the early 1980s on their first two albums. Metoyer is a master at his craft and HIRAX feel honored and lucky to have him working with them. For Katon he is a “musical wizard and his work on our new album is genious.”

The cover of Immortal Legacy was drawn by legendary artist Philip Lawvere (Kreator/Celtic Frost) – his first oil painting in 25 years since coming out of retirement. He is the
artist behind such classic album covers as Kreator’s Pleasure To Kill and Celtic Frost’s Emperor’s Return. Lawvere had done stunning illustrations for numerous albums and is best known for a slew of thrash metal offerings released on Noise Records. The HIRAX front man comments: “We couldn’t be happier to have Philip Lawvere illustrating the cover of our new album. After getting Bill Metoyer to produce it, this is truly the icing on the thrash metal cake!”

With guest guitar players Jim Durkin (Dark Angel), Juan Garcia (Agent Steel/Evildead) and Rocky George (Suicidal Tendencies/Fishbone) on the album, Katon is excited about a real metal monster which his band has produced: “This is our most epic-sounding record to date, sonically powerful and over the top. 14 new raging thrash metal songs that will make you bang your head!!!”

Immortal Legacy will be released in Germany on 21 February, in Europe on 24 February and in the US/Canada on 4 March through SPV/Steamhammer as CD, gatefold coloured LP and download. Katon: “As to future tour plans, the European and US fans can expect to see us hit their shores very soon in 2014! The HIRAX thrash attack is coming, so get ready worldwide!”
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