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Eat The Gun

Often all it takes are little changes to get the best out of an idea. A different studio, a different instrument, perhaps a little more confidence in your own talent, one or two helpers to apply the finishing touches to the final result. It’s the sum of all these elements which helped Eat The Gun to come up with an awesome album, and it’s no exaggeration to say that Stripped To The Bone is the best recording that the band from Münster have presented to date. “I always find it difficult to say why some things work really well. But the decision to compose all songs on an acoustic guitar, leaving riffs and other frills aside in the first step, and concentrate on melodies and lyrics instead was obviously the right one,” explains Hendrik Wipperman, the band’s guitarist, vocalist and main songwriter. “I for my part can say that Stripped To The Bone has turned into the very album that I’ve always wanted to record.”

Having said that, not that much has changed in the Eat The Gun camp. Maybe the pure metal components have stepped a little more into the background on Stripped To The Bone while there are definite alternative rock influences. But apart from that, everything is pretty much as ever: Eat The Gun groove like hell, unleash one catchy chorus after the other and present ten new in-your-face songs. No blown-up, irritating intros, avant-gardist sonic shenanigans or pseudo-intellectual messages, just ten strong songs which speak for themselves.

The first single from the album is called ‘Loner’, will be out on 4 October 2013 and tells the story of a guy who wants to liberate himself from all social pressures and escape the shallowness of our time. ‘Made Of Stone’ is about greed and cold-heartedness, egotism and cynicism which are frequently at the expense of the poor and the weak. Then there’s the fast-paced ‘Addicted’ with its dualistic assessment of addiction: on the one hand as a negative and dangerous factor, and on the other as a catalyst for good and positive things, for life itself.

A catalyst of this absorbing album has been the production, which was streamlined in the true sense of the word. Stripped To The Bone was recorded with Stephan “Gudze” Hinz (H-Blockx) at the band’s own studio. “The DIY concept was a priority for us,” says Wippermann, “similar to Foo Fighters, only that we opted for this approach for financial reasons. But as it often goes: less turned out to be more. For example I used only one guitar, one amp and one box at the studio, yet the overall sound is amazingly driving.” Stripped To The Bone was mixed by Hinz and Toni Meloni (Toten Hosen, Apokalyptische Reiter) at the renowned Principal Studio. Luckily, the budget could be stretched to cover the mix.

So the album title is definitely programmatic, which is also reflected in the cover artwork courtesy of Daniel Vargas Diaz. The graphic artist who lives in Barcelona already illustrated the first Eat The Gun EP eleven years ago, so Eat The Gun have come full circle, mirroring the great consistency and energy of a band about to celebrate their 12th anniversary soon: Eat The Gun got together in 2002, have released the studio albums Cross Your Fingers (2006), Super Pursuit Mode Aggressive Thrash Distortion (2009) and RUNNER (2011) and made the top ten of the German DJ Metal/Rock Charts for eight weeks in 2009 and the Top 20 of the American college radio charts in 2011. The band has played more than 650 concerts to date, inspiring fans at the Taubertal Festival, the Big Day Out and the Wacken Open Air and appearing alongside acts such as Die Toten Hosen, HIM, Danko Jones, Duff McKagan, Donots, Mustasch, Backyard Babies and Hardcore Superstar. An impressive balance sheet which will be boosted even further by Stripped To The Bone.
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