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Earl Gaines recorded and performed for over fifty years. An amazing accomplishment in any genre of music, but even more so in the fickle world of Blues and Soul Music. Originally from Alabama, he relocated to Nashville in the early 1950s. By 1954 he was doing studio work at Excello Records where he played drums on many Gospel Music sessions, and Rhythm & Blues records by Arthur Gunther, Little Al, Larry Birdsong and Louis Brooks and the Hi-Toppers. He soon joined up with Brooks group as vocalist and had a big hit with "It´s Love Baby (24 Hours A Day)" in 1955.
In 1957 he signed to Alan Bubis´ Champion label, where he recorded three excellent records for the company. In 1963 he cut a duet record with Lucille Johns under the pseudonym "Leroy Jones" for Spar Records´ Hit subsidiary, before taking on legendary WLAC disc Jockey Bill "Hoss" Allen as his manager and record producer.

In 1965 Earl and Hoss took Johnny Jones and the Imperial Seven, along with backup vocalists The Commanders, into the new Bradley´s Barn recording studio in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. The result was Earl´s first hit in nearly a decade, "The Best Of Luck To You". The single reached number 28 on the R&B charts and an album of the same title followed in 1966.
In 1967 Allen began producing records for the King/Deluxe/Hollywood group of labels. He landed Earl a contract and they recorded steadily for the company until 1972. These sessions were recorded in Nashville, Memphis and Muscle Shoals, and feature the greatest R&B musicians of the era.

Thanks to Earl´s television exposure and constant touring, most were good sellers.
Earl signed on with "John R" Richbourg, another WLAC disc Jockey. John R had the Sound Stage 7 label and Earl signed with subsidiary imprint Sound Seventy in late 1972. In 1973 he had a hit with "Hymn Number 5" (#38 R&B), and recorded five singles for the company.
An album of his Sound Seventy material was released in the 1980s by Ace Records in the UK. In 1975 Earl signed with Johnny Vincent´s Jackson, Mississippi based Ace label and recorded one record, "Nine Pound Steel" (produced by old pal Harrison Calloway).

In 1989, he recorded an album and single, both titled "House Party", for the Meltone label of Atlanta. Earl went into the studio in 1994 and recorded an album with, Roscoe Shelton and Clifford Curry calling themselves "The Excello Legends". Earl recorded his solo album "I Believe In Your Love" for Appaloosa Records in 1995 and several European tours followed. A live album by The Excello Legends ("Tennessee R&B") was recorded in 1996 and another solo album the following year. This was picked up by Black Top Records and released as "Everything´s Gonna Be Alright" in 1998. Earl Gains was back in the game big time.

Earl and Roscoe Shelton recorded a duet album "Let´s Work Together" in 1999 and was released by Cannonball Records in 2000. In the mean time Earl Gaines reissue CDs were hitting the market in a big way. His comeback had triggered a renewed interest in all things Earl, and virtually everything he had ever recorded was back in print in digital format. He continued touring and in 2004 reunited with producer Ted Jarrett to record "The Different Feelings Of Blues And Soul" for Jarrett´s Blue-Eye imprint (released in 2005). Earl released "Crankshaft Blues" in 2007. The success of this album led to the new recordings you are now listening to. He´s reunited here with guitarists Johnny Jones and Walter Hamilton (another Excello session musician), and the album features songs by writers Anthony Birdsong, Bleu Jackson, Ken Howell, Mary-Ann Brandon, Dave Riley, Clifford Curry, Ted Jarrett and Fred James.

Earl sadly passed away in December 2009 and “You Got The Walk” is one of his last recordings.
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