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The Very End

It takes great determination and lots of self-confidence for an otherwise English-speaking metal act to include two german lines in the very first verse of their new album:

Eins, zwei, drei, vier – the very end is here,
We try to leave but someone’s locked all the doors,
Fünf, sechs, sieben, acht – wer hat´s kaputtgemacht?
We try to forget but there is blood on the floor

The Very End are obviously here to decry injustice and put their fingers in some wounds. After all, a lot of damage is currently being done to humankind 2.0 by itself in terms of permanent sensory overload, a decline in traditional values and an overall faster-higher-more way of life). So should the light be switched off and the world be eliminated, as the album title Turn Off The World suggests? No, says vocalist Björn Gooßes, “but we shouldn’t accept everything without question.” The Very End’s third album has been scheduled for release on November 23rd, 2012 (Europe: November 26th / USA/Canada: November 27th), and it’s set to impress its audience with its authenticity and an uncompromising attitude in every single note. The Very End come from the Ruhr, a region known for its hard working and genuine people, and – like their geographical and stylistic neighbours Kreator or Sodom – they have been forged from real steel.

Thanks to a band who has grown even stronger after two line-up changes, their metal doesn’t shine on Turn Off The World, but rather comes across like a jagged yet razor-sharp blade. Along with vocalist Björn Gooßes, guitarist René Bogdanski and bassist Marc Beste, the two new additions Alex Bartkowski (guitars, ex-Guerrilla) and Daniel Zeman (drums, Enemy Of The Sun) have been vital in perfecting even further The Very End’s typical mix of hard riffs, ferocious grooves and melodic passages. Hard hitting Thrash songs such as ‘Iron Sky’ stand side by side with epic wrecking-balls like ‘To Feed On Hope’ or melancholic trips along the lines of a ‘Maelstrom Calling.’

The re-enlistment of the producer/sound engineer team consisting of Waldemar Sorychta and Dennis Koehne, who already did an outstanding job on Mercy & Misery (2011), proved to be extremely helpful in this context. Gooßes: “We still learned an awful lot from Waldemar and Dennis on Mercy & Misery. This time around, it was more like a fruitful exchange of opinions which has lead to an awesome result.”

A result to which Entombed’s LG Petrov contributed as guest vocalist on the death metal-oriented ‘The Black Fix.’ “Naturally, being fans of old-school death metal, LG is one of our old-time heroes whom we are proud to present on our new album.” To cut a long story short: Turn Off The World consists of eleven songs which would easily be capable of doing exactly this – turning off this damn world... but not before every fan of massive contemporary metal has listened to this outstanding album!

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