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Redefined Mayhem
Holy Moses
Label: Steamhammer
Release: 25.04.2014
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Ruining Lives
Label: Steamhammer
Release: 25.04.2014
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The Lucid Dream[er]
Label: Steamhammer
Release: 30.05.2014
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Virgin Steele
Label: Steamhammer
Release: 13.06.2014
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Live You To Death 2 - American Punishment
Vicious Rumors
Label: Steamhammer
Release: 13.06.2014
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01 Intro
02 Metalhead
03 Travellers in time
04 Conquistador
05 What goes around, comes around
06 Song of evil
07 All guns blazing
08 Prisoner
09 Piss off
10 Watching you
11 Sea of life
Saxon are dyed-in-the-wool musicians, legends of heavy metal. This British band kept holding up the Saxon banner even in times of a galloping metal recession and dwindling sales figures. Whenever frontman Biff Byford struts across the stage with flying hair, fringed leather jacket and a grumpy expression, making the mic stand his instrument with pure determination, and taking control of the situation with his boyish charm, his fans go into raptures. "You fucking people should go home," comments Biff frequently with feigned anger on the regular ´encore` demands voiced by his audience, while enjoying their enthusiasm with obvious delight. Byford and his four comrades-in-arms Paul Quinn, Doug Scarrat, Nibbs Carter and new addition Fritz Randow may be certain of this enthusiasm once their highly impressive new album METALHEAD arrives, which is set not only to delight the band's faithful supporters but should also attract a new audience. METALHEAD, recorded at the Karo Studios in Brackel near Hamburg, was produced by Rainer Hänsel and mixed by Charlie Bauerfeind (Gamma Ray, Angra, Blind Guardian, Running Wild, Sisters Of Mercy among many others). It quotes all the important elements of the typical Saxon sound: tough guitar riffs, driving rhythms, intelligent solos, grooving songs, and on top of all that of course Byford's unique timbre. METALHEAD is a versatile offering that combines present times with tradition and contains many contemporary sounds and varieties without neglecting the tried and tested elements from the band's past. The title track turns out to be a surprisingly raw number - even for Byford & Co. ´Travellers In Time`, ´What Goes Around, Comes Around` or ´Song Of Evil` are classic metal compositions of the Saxon variety, complemented by a fiery up-tempo number called ´Conquistador`. The album closes with the very modern ´Watching You` and ´Sea Of Life`, a track with an anthemnic chorus and epic arrangements that lasts over eight minutes and is the culmination of a brilliant album. The interesting cover artwork was once again penned by Paul Raymond Gregory, who has designed many a Saxon cover in the past and also came up with the drawings for the debut album by German newcomer act Freedom Call. The band's activities still center on frontman Biff Byford, whose voice has been marking Saxon's sound for some 25 years. Byford's most important companion is guitarist Paul Quinn, who delivers his earthy solos with a dreamy confidence, always clean and very much to the point. His counterpart on the other side of the stage was, as we all know, replaced a few years ago. Graham Oliver, next to Byford and Quinn one of Saxon's founder members, had to quit the group in 1996 and was succeeded by Doug Scaratt, a guy in his late thirties (in other words a good Saxon mean) who used to be in a blues band with Nigel Glockler. Together with the rhythm section consisting of Nibbs Carter (bass) and drummer Fritz Randow (Ex- Victory and Sinner), who stepped in for Glockler, there are two full-blooded rhythm men at work. With Saxon it's mainly the groove, that incredible punch from the loin area, that counts. Carter, who joined the band in 1989, and new addition Randow, a musical muscle man, fulfill these prerequisites to a T.
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