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The Arkanes
Label: SPV Recordings
Release: 25.04.2014
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Buckle Up and Shove It
Peter Pan Speedrock
Label: Steamhammer
Release: 30.05.2014
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Another Night Of Passion Ltd.

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 LP Vinyl Format
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01 Rocklahoma
02 40 Rock
03 Metal Edge
04 You Decide
05 Welcome To Rock Bottom
06 Fallen From Grace
07 Black Swan
08 Back And Alive
09 The Chant
10 Fever Of Love
11 True Blue
01 Where The Wind Blows
02 Here We Are
03 Night Of Passion
04 Family Of Rock
05 Little Princess
06 Say Goodbye To Hollywood
07 Open The Eyes
08 Don´t Talk It All Over
09 Homeless
10 Hope To See You
11 Fox On The Run
Just a brief summary to start with, establishing the historical context: hard rock act Mad Max from Münster in Germany found themselves on the verge of their American breakthrough in 1987. Everything was ready back then – a renowned producer to apply the finishing touches to Night Of Passion, Mad Max’s current album of that time, a concert agency capable of organising an extensive tour, topped by major interest from the American rock music press. But the unfathomable business policy of the band’s Dutch record company stood in the way of their leap across the Atlantic: Mad Max never made it onto the US market, and a dream was shattered, along with the legendary line-up. 25 years later, the world seems to be a different place, but Mad Max have turned the wheel of history back and are about to present their latest album Another Night Of Passion, recorded by the original 1987 team. To rule out any misunderstandings: what we have here is a completely new album with exclusively brand-new material, but the reference in the album title to that glorious time is intentional. “The new record could have been a direct successor to Night Of Passion in terms of its stylistic direction – no ballads, no keyboards, just purebred rock songs – naturally in a contemporary sonic guise,” explains guitarist Jürgen Breforth, who recorded this haunting release together with vocalist Michael Voss, bassist Roland Bergmann and drummer Axel Kruse. Another Night Of Passion will be available from Steamhammer/SPV on 26 March 2012 (Germany: 23 March 2012 USA: March 2012) in a jewel case edition featuring eleven songs, and in a limited-edition digipak, including the additional bonus CD Official Bootleg – Live In Berlin.
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