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Joachim Witt
Label: Oblivion
Release: 25.04.2014
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The Magic Circus

Release date may vary per country.
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01 Intro
02 Chippewa Lake Park
03 Deep in Your Heart
04 Underworld
05 Dream Machine
06 The Strange Fruit
07 Beautiful
08 Radio S.A.T.A.N.
09 The Magic Circus
10 Queen for a Day
11 The Funeral
12 Secretly
13 Outro
You might easily think 18 SUMMERS are cheerful aging wavers with a very considerable wad-o-dough by a bank, who are weird enough to would like performed her passion once again on stages. But that´s far from the truth. The oeuvre of Felix Flaucher and Frank Schwer hasn´t lost any piece of his charismatic radiance and uniqueness over the last two decades, and yet although they accumulate this on THE MAGIC CIRCUS with a branding in a sophisticated utterance never previously obtained. The name is programmatic on whole album length. 18 SUMMERS presents a absorbing storytelling collection of enthusiasm, consciousness and questions about the master plan, accompanied by extraordinary music full of associations, contrasts, a sense of humor and ironic refractions.

Since the publication of her impressive first work THIS IS THE NEW RELIGION in 1991, Felix Flaucher and SILKE BISCHOFF were regarded as indispensable spearhead of dark synthpop bands their publishing contemporary music, based on very own ideas and coupled with spirit and atmospheric beats, for overcrowded dance floors. Thanks to his own synthesis of many individual pieces of pop-surrealistic art, he found an thriving way to convey a sacrosanct blueprint for the visual media impact of a whole subculture and their aesthetic autonomy, and at its climax he was a permanent guest in the charts and music TV stations. The success of the transition for this concept to a new nexus, under the name 18 SUMMERS, was in 2001 the expansion of their musical context with the longtime companion and wayfarer Frank Schwer.

From a very early stage onwards was this authentic fixture to be labeled as cult, and during your club anthems was a part of the creations of other artists in a cross-genre manner they committed themselves of different ways of approaching art rather than panem et circenses. They applied and intense their creativity in photo- and audiobooks, theatre- and studio work. But at the end of a hunt for new inspirations and through new impressions for their artistic work, they found out that music is still a hot topic. THE MAGIC CIRCUS sounds, not least owing to producer Roman Schoensee, very splendid, highly fresh, relevant and without any camouflage.

18 SUMMERS presents themselves and their own sound with the potential of longings, slightly lighter tones in shades, and as a mixture of various origins and influences. Every song has own characteristics, sounding own paradigms and has a kind of an acoustic short movie full of hidden ambiguities. This new album embodies all facets and needs of imagination, and is their evidence to handle musical intensity, expressivity and catchiness to a common denominator, that make us believe we would have found the soundtrack of the lowbrow art movement. THE MAGIC CIRCUS is their admonition that no one is grown up to be no more happy like a child.
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