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Lonely Women Make Good Lovers/Neither One Of U (SPV Country)

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01 Lonely Women Make Good Lovers
02 I'm Gonna Write A Song
03 Delta Dawn
04 Love Ought To Be A Happy Thing
05 Woman, I Just Want To Love YouMore
06 I'm A One Woman Man
07 It Takes You
08 Easy Lovin'
09 Sweet Baby Jane
10 Sugar Man
11 Someone To Give My Love To
12 Neither One Of Us (Wants To BeThe First To Say Goodbye)
13 It Wasn't Easy
14 Anything But Lonesome
15 Pass Me By (If You're Only Passing Through)
16 Have You Ever Said "I Love You" To A Lady
17 A Good Love Is Like A Good Song
18 Because Of Losing You
19 Tonight Your Baby's Coming Home
20 A Picture Of Me (Without You)
21 Baby Made It Good
22 Uncle Sam (with Glen Sutton)
Bob Luman, Amongst rockabilly and rock’n’roll diehards is revered for his wild recordings in the 1950s but to country music aficionados, it was his mainstream country recordings made for Epic and Polydor between 1968-1978, that he is renowned for.

The rockabilly singer and latterday Grand Ole Opry star, is best-known in Britain for his huge international pop crossover hit Let’s Think About Living, which hit the UK top ten in 1961.

His country recordings became even more successful during the 1970s with such top-ten hits as When You Say Love, Lonely Women Make Good Lovers, Neither One Of Us and Still Loving You. A great onstage performer combining music, comedy, charm and youthful sex appeal.

As this excellent pair of albums show us, there was much more to Bob Luman than that solitary pop-crossover smash, or his earlier rockabilly sides. Like so many country singers of this time, his albums were littered with cover versions of current and recent hits by fellow country acts. On these two long-out-print albums from1972-1973 you’ll find his renditions of Tanya Tucker’s Delta Dawn, Freddie Hart’s Easy Lovin’, Johnny Paycheck’s Someone To Give My Love To, Johnny Rodriguez’s Pass Me By (If You’re Only Passing Through) and George Jones’ A Picture Of Me (Without You) offering examples of Bob Luman’s versatility.

Bob Luman was a versatile and somewhat underrated vocalist and exceptional performer who remained a rock’n’roller to the end.
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