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Chisound Sessions 1978-1982

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01 That Funky Disco Rhythm
02 When You're No. 1
03 I'll Remember You
04 Bucks Music Group
05 Stay Here In My Heart
06 Dance Fever
07 Does She Have A Friend For Me
08 Lay Me Gently
09 All About The Paper
10 Rainbow '80
11 Do It Baby
12 You've Been So Sweet To Me
13 I'll Be There (with Barbara Acklin)
14 Let Me Make Love To You
01 I'm Attracted To You
02 Love Is The Answer
03 I've Got To Meet You
04 Almost All The Way To Love
05 For The Sake Of The Memories
06 Almost Daylight
07 God Bless Our Love
08 God Send
09 I Keep Coming Back
10 Baby You're Something In The Clutch
11 I'll Make The Living If You'llMake The Loving Worthwhile
12 Time Is A Thief
13 Skate AKA Miss Crazy Legs
14 Good For You
15 Where Have You Been
16 Let Me Make Love To You (Long Version)
17 Get Down (Demo Version)
If anyone is the epitome of Chicago soul it’s Gene Chandler. These recordings made between 1978 and 1982 represent some of the very last recordings made in the city before regional music made its permanent exit from the American music scene. All of the material in our compilation was made for Chi -Sound Records, the last great independently operated label in a city renowned for independent labels from the 40s to the early 70s. Think of Chess, Vee Jay, or Mercury and your thinking Chicago independent blues, jazz and soul labels and Gene Chandler recorded hits for all of them mostly under the auspices of Carl Davis who would eventually found Chi-Sound Records.
Gene produced four albums for Chi-Sound beginning with “Get Down” tagged after his hit.
The other three are all presented here with a selection of tracks not released on LP. The follow-up “When You’re No.1” was an equally massive international Disco hit. The resulting album makes its CD debut on our collection and is aimed squarely at the dance floor. His remaining two albums although released on CD before make a welcome return to the format including as they do his other major international hit “Does She Have A Friend For Me” and other popular club tracks like “All About The Paper” and “Let Me Make Love To You”.

By 1982 Chi-Sound was back operating within what was left of independent distribution and issued Gene’s last 45, “I’ll Make The Living If You Make The Loving Worthwhile” also a popular record in the UK. We have also been able to include Gene’s rarest Chi Sound release – “I Keep Coming Back”/”Baby You’re Something In The Clutch” which was probably only distributed around Chicago so difficult is it to find a copy.
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