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Foster & Lloyd/Faster & Llouder (2 on 1)

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01 Turn Around
02 Crazy Over You
03 What Do You Want From Me This Time?
04 Token Of Love
05 Sure Thing
06 Hard To Say No
07 Part I Know By Heart
08 Don´t Go Out With Him
09 Texas In 1880
10 You Can Come Cryin' To Me
11 Faster And Louder
12 Fair Shake
13 She Knows What She Wants
14 Happy For A While
15 Fat Lady Sings
16 After I'm Gone
17 I'll Always Be Here Loving You
18 Suzette
19 Before The Heartache Rolls In
20 Lie To Yourself
Radney Foster and Bill Lloyd, a couple of talented singer-songwriters, combined to make Foster & Lloyd music. This unlikely country duo first joined as songwriters in 1985 and went on to score several Top 10 country hits in the late 1980s, including Crazy Over You, Sure Thing and Fair Shake.
The duo was hailed by critics for their tasteful blend of popular country and rock music.

Foster and Lloyd became one of the first acts to be played simultaneously on country and college radio, sharing common musical ground and press accolades with Rank and File, Lone Justice and the Blasters.
The duo’s self-titled debut album produced three hit singles with Sure Thing, which reached number eight, followed by Texas in 1880 which peaked at 18 and What Do You Want From Me This Time? which reached number 6.
Alongside Radney’s and Bill’s acoustic guitars the dynamic electric lead guitar was provided by fellow RCA artist Vince Gill. Bruce Bouton played both pedal steel and lap steel guitar whilst the rhythm section was held down by Tommy Wells (drums) and Glenn Worf (bass) with additional harmony vocals from John Cowan.

The duo’s second album, FASTER & LLOUDER, featured Fair Shake, which they co-wrote with Guy Clark, and proved to be their last top ten single in 1989. Further singles followed with Before the Heartache Rolls In, Suzette, and Fat Lady Sings.
Vince Gill’s guitar was only featured on the opening track Faster and Louder. Bill Loyd played lead guitar, mandolin and also keyboards with additional colouring from Sam Bush (fiddle), Jerry Douglas (Dobro), Mike McAdam (six-string bass) and Bruce Bouton was retained on pedal steel and lap steel. Beth Nielsen Chapman adds background vocals on Before The Next Heartache Rolls In.

A superior example of ‘New Country’— FASTER & LLOUDER just happened to be recorded a few years before the term ‘New Country’ was invented and stands up today as a superior country album.
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