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The Arkanes
Label: SPV Recordings
Release: 25.04.2014
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Buckle Up and Shove It
Peter Pan Speedrock
Label: Steamhammer
Release: 30.05.2014
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Release date may vary per country.
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01 Onus
02 Sharpshooter
03 Command:Turn:Revolt
04 Vampyre
05 Terracotta
06 Stand Alone Inc.
07 Guilt Trip
08 Skeletons
09 Nuclear
10 W.A.R
11 Paper Planes
12 Edge
The Arkanes are a four-piece rock band from Liverpool, England. To describe their personae in short: four working-class lads who share 3 common fidelities: a love for good music, a hatred for bad music, and a passion to stand up in front of a crowd and show the world what they can do.

The band formed in 2007 by frontman Chris Pate with his friend and bass player Lee Dummett. Chris and Lee went to the same school and shared a common love for music at an early age. Chris, aged 17 and heavily influenced by the grunge age of Nirvana and Alice In Chains, already had a vast repertoire of bedroom recordings and so introduced Lee to the bass guitar. Lee picked the instrument up very quickly and the songs gained another dimension, breathing life into the dream of attaining more members and becoming a real rock band. So this is what they did: together they formed “Silverchild”. Fresh-sounding, hard-edged and full of energy. Something Liverpool had been lacking at the time.

Chris’ writing evolved over the next year as the thirst for music and learning meandered towards the 60s and the “golden years”. Silverchild’s sound took on another dynamic with drummer Andrew “Length” Long. He was a huge bulk of a man who enjoyed an eclectic spectrum of music from Avenged Sevenfold to Kelly Clarkson. Chris says: “The big guy just brought so much talent to the table. If ability was a game of poker, Length had the royal flush, and myself and Lee didn’t have an ace between us.” His Bonham-esque style of play and metronome-like timing brought thunder to the stage. The band had stepped up a level.

A year later they added another crucial element that generically made up the 4-piece rock band and assembled with youngster guitarist Dylan Cassin the final line-up you see today. Dylan opened up doors to a whole new world of talent. He was grade 6 on the piano, could play harmonica, and was an astonishing guitarist. He also shared a similar love for the 60s and the grunge scene. He was a diverse lover of music, sharing the same infatuations as the rest of the band: the Beatles, Zep, the Stones. Plus the new-age heroes found in Oasis, Wolfmother, Muse, Q.O.T.S.A, and anything Jack White had already blessed the world with at the time. Dylan later gave up a place at L.I.P.A, Paul McCartney’s school of music, so that he could join the band on their Benelux tour. ”He left during his final exams. We couldn’t wait for him as the tour was already booked. We didn’t even give him an ultimatum, he had already made his choice. He left, and his 2 years of studies went to waste. He took the biggest risk out of all of us, and I have always admired him for that,” says Chris.

The line-up was now sublime. Everything felt fresh and right, and this called for a new beginning. The band decided to scrap the name “Silverchild” and come up with a new concept, which they found in a strange place. Lee: “I would love to tell you that there’s a deep meaning behind our band name, but the truth is we picked up a dictionary, saw the word Arcane, liked it, changed the letter ‘c’ to a ‘k’, and that was that.”

The Arkanes was born.

The band’s small successes began early, with their track ‘Crash And Burn’ reaching into the number 1 slot of a Los Angeles download chart, where it stayed for almost nine months.
Gigging mercilessly and touring endlessly, the band struck gold and where selected to be the first British band ever to ascertain a slot on the NACA University/College circuit in America.
Their debut E.P ‘Don’t Act Like You Know Me’ was a neat success and granted them access to the shores of Germany, Switzerland and the surrounding terrains.

In 2009, The Arkanes where nominated for a People’s Music Award (rock/indie/metal genre) with their single ”Sharpshooter”, voted for by listeners the globe over. From this point, the band’s successes ran far and wide, appearing on BBC Radio Live, SWR 3, Eldoradio, TV Berlin, Harvard/MIT university radio (Boston) and NRW TV, amongst others, supporting bands such as Florence And The Machine and The Automatic and the debut single “Don’t Act Like You Know Me” reaching number 10 in Germany’s Most Requested Song of the Week and number 8 in the “Most Downloaded Single” in early 2011. All of these successes are proud achievements and silver trophies to the band, however, with a still un-quenched thirst for success, nothing had quite yet measured up to the golden ambitions within the minds of the band itself.

Finally in 2013, following a short tour with Jim Kroft, the band signed a deal with SPV Records, to whom they are signed to date. Their forthcoming debut album “W.A.R.” is expected in early 2014 and is eagerly awaited by their army of fans.

The Arkanes pride themselves on high-energy live performances and music that stands up to anything out there on the airwaves past or present, being described as “the Arctic Monkeys being punched in the face by Queens Of The Stone Age” by one critic who wasn’t afraid to go there. Watch this space. The age of The Arkanes is here.
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