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The Arkanes
Label: SPV Recordings
Release: 25.04.2014
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Peter Pan Speedrock
Label: Steamhammer
Release: 30.05.2014
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Tanz der Lemminge

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01 In The Glassgarden
02 Pull Down Your Mask
03 Prayer To The Silence
04 Telephoncomplex
05 Restless Skylight Transistor Child
06 Chamsin: The Marilyn Monroe-Meomorial-Church (Impr.)
07 Chamsin: Chewing Gum Telegram
08 Chamsin: Stumbling Over MeltedMoonlight
09 Chamsin: Toxicological Whispering
Originally released 1971

Outside of Germany, this album is known as "Dance of the Lemmings". This third album finds these Krautrock pioneers at the top of their game, as far as experimentation goes. And this album, like its predecessor, Yeti, was originally released as a double LP set. The first two sides of "Tanz..." consists of bizarre music, consisting of vocals, jams, and bizarre effects. The third side consist of nothing but spacy experimental effects.

Fans predisposed to the sprawling psychedelic explorations of ADII´s first three albums will often cite this one as their best. When you really need to blast off into space, you cannot beat Tanz der Lemminge. This album is literally an explosion of music!

Fans of German psychedelic music, or totally spaced out music in general, absolutely must own this album. One of the greatest achievements by this most daring and original band!

• The CD version comprises the entire original two-disc set.
• Dance of the Lemmings is another classic album
• The CD will be released as a deluxe edition, with enhanced booklet
• New liner notes
• Remastered
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