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Mani und seine Freunde

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01 Sunrise is everywhere
02 Chicken rock
03 It's your turn
04 Walking, eating my hot dog
05 Fly easy
06 From another world
07 Woodpecker's dream
08 1,2,3,4 Marsch'n Rock
09 Drink wine
10 From another world (Live) (Bonustrack)
Originally Released 1975

GURU GURU were one of the wildest and most imaginative bands to emerge from the 1970`s Krautrock scene and gave definition to the term. Fulled by a combination of LSD and loud raunchy experimental music which might seem to be unstructured, it indeed incorporated many styles, from jazz to pop. These influences became more and more evident as the band’s career progressed.

1975 constant member Mani Neumeier recorded an extremely interesting album with musicians from the bands Kraan, Karthago and Hamonia, called ‘Mani und seine Freunde’ (Mani and his friends).

Guru Guru is an ongoing experiment more than a traditional rock band and ‘Mani und seine Freunde` is an experiment in particular.

The album is full of surprises and everyone from Champion Jack Dupree to Roedelius join Mani on this musical expedition. The listener will experience everything from blues to Mani´s wired sense of humour tracks in the form of ‘Chicken Rock’ and ‘Walking Eating My Hotdog’. More serious tracks come in the introductory ‘From Another World’ as well as ‘Woodpecker´s Dream’ which pre-date New Age Music. ‘Sunrise is Everywhere’ set the stage for the more jazzier direction the band was going to follow.

The bonus track ‘From Another World’ was live recorded 1974 at a show at the Underground in Bonn. This recording features guitarist Klaus Walz from Epitaph.

The band remains active to this day and also has a huge following in Japan where they have often toured. Mr. GURU GURU himself, Mani Neumeier, one of the greatest drummers ever is a German rock icon.
‘Mani und seine Freunde’ will be released as deluxe edition digipak with enhanced booklet and is also remastered by Eroc.
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