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Ritter und Unholde

Release date may vary per country.
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01 Muget ir nu wunder hoeren sagen
02 Die junge Krimhild
03 Hagen nach dem Raub
04 In der Burg Hagen Tronjes
05 Die Geschichte des Etzel
06 Etzel schwört Rache
07 Der Komtur
08 Der scharfsinnige Junker Don Quijote de la Mancha
09 Der Apfelschuss
10 Lohengrin
11 Er soll mich im Arsche lecken!
12 Vesperzeit
13 Tod und Himmelfahrt des Götz
14 Der Handschuh
15 Das Geständnis der Elvira del Gampo
Originally released 1993

Inspired by the commercial success of the single “Der Komtur”, Carlos Perón had the idea of doing a ‘knight’s record’. For this project there was of course only one voice, that of Peter Ehrlich. At the time, there was a trend in all things medieval and so “Ritter und Unholde” (“Knights and Monsters”) came along at the right time and became one of the first CDs in this genre.

Carlos Perón:
Peter Ehrlich presented me with an enormous range of topics which we reduced to fifteen subjects. Initially, he was very sceptical as to whether such a collaboration would succeed. I invited him to my Grafschaft Studio and recorded his voice onto analogue tape. I wanted to record the music together with musician Victor Berkovitz later on. For the time being, I transferred the vocals onto a DAT tape and mastered it at Sound Studio N in Cologne, to give the voice the correct tight feeling. Then I continued to develop atmospheric sounds using extracts and fragments from various texts such as Goethe’s “Götz von Berlichingen”, Wagner’s “Ring des Nibelungen”, “Lohengrin” and “Hagen nach dem Raub”, which incidentally is my favourite piece. Work in the studio took a very long time, about a month as I recall it. In any case, I attached great importance to the fact that the tracks should be very balanced and in that we succeeded. “Ritter und Unholde” was released on the label Dark Star in 1993 and amazingly came along as a real bombshell to the scene.
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