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The Arkanes
Label: SPV Recordings
Release: 25.04.2014
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Label: Steamhammer
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Vive la trance

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01 A morning excuse
02 Fly united
03 Jalousie
04 Im Krater blühn wieder die Baume
05 Mozambique
06 Apocolyptic bore
07 Dr. Jeyckyll
08 Trap
09 Pig man
10 Manana
11 Ladies Mimikry
12 Hands up, fool (Bonus)
13 Pink purple (Bonus)
14 Look (Bonus)
15 Bomb (Bonus)
September 1973 saw the release of Amon Düül II’s sixth album, Vive La Trance, another haunting recording, albeit produced by a new line-up. The group experimented with world music rhythms on their composition, ‘Mozambique’, and risked unusual piano dissonances on ‘Jalousie’, proving on tracks such as ‘Trap’, ‘Dr. Jeckyll’ and ‘Pig Man’ their distinct feel for haunting rock songs, and allowing numbers such as ‘Fly United’ to gleam with thoroughly strange organ sounds.
The result pleased even the domestic press, who otherwise tended to treat comparable acts from Munich, Hanover, Hamburg or Hagen with a certain scepticism and arrogance. Germany’s most critical music publication, Sounds, mused on the release of Vive La Trance: “The grating, grasping electronics have become even denser, more variable and dominant since Wolf City, lending Düül’s sound a somewhat lighter, hovering element as an antithesis to the complicated, drum-driven rhythms.” Beyond that, the musicians experimented - in the journalists’ opinion - with “bubbling, airy-spooky sounds that I’d love to fill my bathtub with” (quote: Ingeborg Schober, author of the Amon Düül biography ‘Tanz der Lemminge’).
Naturally, Amon Düül II didn’t want to be outclassed by such creatively constructed phrases, indulging in psychedelic-sounding lyrics such as “You sit on a sofa watch the world on TV, count the fingerprints on your emotions, but your consciousness can be wide like an ocean, why do you reduce the size of your smile, when someone touches your mind for a while” (from ‘Jalousie’). The album, Vive La Trance, was one thing first and foremost: a masterpiece which paired versatile rock songs with a black sense of humour, sensuality and a Düül-typical portion of harsh sarcasm.
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