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Legend Of The Shadowking

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01 Out Of The Ruins
02 Thunder God
03 Tears Of Babylon
04 Merlin - Legend Of The Past
05 Resurrection Day
06 Under The Spell Of The Moon
07 Dark Obsession
08 The Darkness
09 Remember!
10 Ludwig II. - Prologue
11 The Shadowking
12 Merlin - Requiem
13 Kingdom Of Madness
14 A Perfect Day
Whether it was at the Wacken Open Air in Germany, in Spain with Blind Guardian, in Moscow with Edguy or at the Sweden Rock Festival, Freedom Call could always proof themselves with outstanding stage performances.
After now 10 years and several tours, having released 5 studio albums one Live album and one EP (Taragon).
The melodic metal manics with song writer team Chris Bay (vocals, guitars) and Dan Zimmermann (drums) are on stage all over Europe and you can consider the band as one of the greatest German Metal Acts.

Even though their schedule is always filled with a lot of shows, the year 2008 was primarily dedicated to song writing and the production of the new album.

“Legend of the Shadowking” - the new master piece from the metal musicians from South Germany!

Stylisticly, the album is a clear extension of their previous albums like Eternity, Circle of Life & Dimensions with unique melodic compositions with which the band has meanwhile earned their unconstrained individual musical character.

Best is, you ask a diehard Freedom Call fan for the typical characteristics of their favorite band. Part of it are high speed melodic hymns, powerful mid speed songs, but also sentimental and melancholic elements. This mixture guaranties a listener of Freedom Call albums a diversified and emotional connection, which carries one on a glamorous journey through the facets of melodic heavy metal.

“Legend of the Shadowking” transfers the listener into a musical world lead by bombastic choirs, orchestral arrangements combined with sophisticated guitar riffs - which demonstrates the uniqueness of the music by Freedom Call.

The new album covers musically and lyric wise a concept about Ludwig II, King of Bavaria. He had a close connection to the composer Richard Wagner. Freedom Call was moved and inspired by King Ludwig´s extravagance and his passion to musical theatricality.

Line Up:

Chris Bay – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Dan Zimmermann – Drums
Lars Rettkowitz – Guitars
Samy Saemann – Bass

„Legend of the Shadowking“

"Ludwig II., King of Bavaria, his life, his passion and his tragical end" is the main topic of this album and is seen in most of the lyrics. When he slowly gets disempowered, after the formation of the First German Empire on January 1st, 1871, he once said "as a king without power I´m only a shadowking!".

Although he hated politics and the real world with all it´s responsibilities and duties throughout his life,
his people loved him for his romantic nature, his blooming fantasy, his affection and support over art and music
and his youthful but impressive appearance.
He escaped more and more into a dream world which he created for himself
through Richard Wagner´s compositions and preferred solitude. He neglected his state affair duties and eventually drove the state into financial ruin with his outrageous building projects.

His fondness towards Wagner and especially his compositions was not returned. Wagner took advantage of his naivety and childish admiration and distanced himself when Ludwig came to close. This separation was only one of many disappointments during King Ludwig´s life! He found himself in a devils circle, couldn´t see a way out anymore. At one point he got pulled down more and more.
At the end he became a victim of a conspiracy and died in the dark waters of the Starnberger See lake
on June 13th, 1886 - as stated in an official version.

The album was produced with a lot of complexity and compassion for arrangements and melody.
The extent of musical diversity has also been supported by compositions of the guitar player
Lars Rettkowitz.

Drums were recorded with the help and expertise of Tommy Newton (Helloween, Kamelot, Gamma Ray) at the Area 51 Studios in Celle.
Then the band continued in their own recording FC studio in Nuremberg.
There, the band recorded bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals through an extensive process.

As the classical aspects correlate to the elements, the band didn´t even spare any efforts to include original instruments. A violist and a soprano were hired for the production to give “Legend of the Shadowking” its distinct authenticity.

The cover art work, which shows the last steps of the lost soul of a broken shadowking,
was created by a young artist from Bavaria.

The album was mixed and mastered at the end of 2009 by Tommy Newton/ Area 51 Studios in

Immediately following the release of the new album, Freedom Call will go on an extensive European tour again to proof their proficiency live on stage as special guests of the band Gamma Ray from Hamburg.

Tour dates Freedom Call
"To the Metal" Tour 2010
as Special Guest for Gamma Ray

06.02. Hamburg - Dock`s
07.02. Belgien - Biebob
08.02. Bochum - Zeche
10.02. Paris - Trabendo
12.02. Navarra - Totem
13.02. Madrid - Ribiera
14.02. Barcelona - Apolo
16.02. Mailand - Magazzini Generali
19.02. Athen - Gagarin 205 Club
20.02. Thessaloniki - Block 33 Club
21.02. Sofia - Blue Box Club
23.02. Belgrad - SKC
24.02. Zagreb - Boogaloo Club
26.02. Presov - Sport Hall
27.02. Ziad nad Hronom - MSK Centrum
28.02. Bratislava - PO
12.03. Reichenbach - H2O Halle
13.03. Memmingen - Kaminwerk
14.03. Pratteln - Z7
16.03. Saarbrücken - Garage
18.03. Langen - Stadthalle Langen
19.03. Lichtenfels - Stadthalle Lichenfels
20.03. Prag - TBA Sa

Freedom Call on Festivals:
01.05. CH - Fiesta Pagana Festival
22.05. DE – Oberbexbach / Saarbangers Festival
… be continued

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