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The Arkanes
Label: SPV Recordings
Release: 25.04.2014
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Buckle Up and Shove It
Peter Pan Speedrock
Label: Steamhammer
Release: 30.05.2014
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The Crest

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 LP Vinyl Format
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01 Prelude Of Doom (Intro)
02 Too Late
03 Devil Zone
04 Prisoner Of Love
05 Dreaming Dead
06 Glory Night
07 Dark Waves Of The Sea(Oceans OF Time Pt.II The Dark Side)
08 Burning Rain
09 Noblesse Oblige (Opus #5 Adagio Contabile)
10 The End Of Our Time
In times of restless reorientation and a permanent hectic search for ever more spectacular innovations, Axel Rudi Pell has proved to be a constant, solid as a rock, a reliable preserver of his undisputed assets. Confident and courageous at the same time, he has embarked on a consistently traditional course with his band, relying more than ever on traditional values with his new album, The Crest. “The Crest sounds absolutely typical of me and my band. In a way, the new tracks mark a return to our roots. And I’m proud to say that there isn’t one double bass number on The Crest,” comments Pell. The guitarist and songwriter knows that this decision will not be considered archaic, but makes him one of the spearheads of a thoroughly contemporary development: for months, there have been reports from America, the UK and Scandinavia that an increasing number of bands are relying on drum arrangements which adapt to the melody of a song.

His 13th studio album impresses with varied compositions at the interface of melodic metal and hard rock. The collaboration between Pell and his American vocalist, Johnny Gioeli, which was established some twelve years ago, has experienced yet another magic moment on The Crest. The American’s raw, charismatic voice is a perfect complement to the deeply melodic numbers by the Axel Rudi Pell Band, who in turn prepare the ground perfectly for their frontman, allowing him to unfold his timbre to perfection. “Naturally, I came up with the main features of the melody and lyrics, but I’d be ill advised if I didn’t listen to Johnny’s suggestions”, says Pell, “there’s real teamwork in our band.”

The Crest also features an innovation: for the first time, Axel Rudi Pell has taken care of the production himself. Between November 2009 and January 2010, he, bassist Volker Krawczak, keyboardist Ferdy Doernberg and drummer Mike Terrana recorded the nine tracks (plus intro) at the W.A.T. Studios in Bochum. Pell worked on the vocals in great detail with frontman Gioeli via Skype, and Gioeli recorded his parts in the US. The album was mixed, as usual, by Charlie Bauerfeind at the Mi Sueno Studios in Tenerife and at the Twilight Hall Studios in Grefrath, Germany, the hallowed halls of their colleagues, Blind Guardian.

In view of the album’s compositional density, it wouldn’t seem fair to highlight individual tracks. At the same time, it must be mentioned that Axel Rudi Pell has come up with a continuation of his classic, ´Oceans Of Time`, in the eight-minute ´Dark Waves Of The Sea` (including unmistakable quotes from the original), and that the album features an impressive instrumental in ´Noblesse Oblige (Opus # 5 Adagio Contabile)`. And of course, there’s another great Pell ballad on the album, entitled ´Glory Night`.

So as usual, the band have done their homework brilliantly, and soon after the release of The Crest, the Axel Rudi Pell Band will introduce their latest release as part of their 2010 tour: the first leg will kick off in May, followed by a number of big festivals during the summer, before the second leg is set to start in autumn. Following the enthusiastic reactions to their shows with Heaven And Hell in summer 2009, Pell is open to suggestions regarding another co-headed tour with a renowned act. “We had a lot of fun with Heaven And Hell, so I’d definitely consider a similar concept.”

Axel Rudi Pell’s career began in 1980 with the band, Steeler, who sold over 30,000 copies of their commercially most successful release, Strike Back, and brought out their fourth and final album, Undercover Animal, in 1988. In November of that year, Pell formed his own group together with Jörg Deisinger (ex-Bonfire), drummer Jörg Michael, bassist Thomas Smuszynski (ex-U.D.O.) and the American vocalist, Charlie Huhn (Ted Nugent, Gary Moore, Victory). Their debut album, Wild Obsessions, arrived at the stores one year later, followed by Nasty Reputation, for whom Pell enlisted the American frontman, Rob Rock (M.A.R.S, Impellitteri), who was replaced during the subsequent German tour by former Malmsteen vocalist, Jeff Scott Soto. With Soto as a new member, the third album, Eternal Prisoner (1992), was undeniable proof that the band had found their own, unmistakable style. One year later, Pell brought out The Ballads, an album featuring his most accomplished rock ballads. With Between The Walls (1994) and the live recording, Made In Germany, the guitarist from Bochum held on to his typical style even in the post-grunge era. The subsequent Black Moon Pyramid (1996) was the second Pell album in succession to make the German album charts. 1997 saw the arrival of Pell’s eighth offering, Magic, featuring a thematically consistent concept based on supernatural stories. Magic also entered the charts, followed by Oceans Of Time, the commercially most successful album at that time by the Axel Rudi Pell band, and the continuation of Pell’s ballad concept (The Ballads II, 1999). Following the departure of Jeff Scott Soto, Pell enlisted American vocalist Johnny Gioeli (ex-Hardline) for the production of Oceans Of Time, The Ballads III and his 2000 release, Masquerade Ball. His characteristic voice also enhanced the subsequent releases, Shadow Zone (2002) and Kings & Queens (2004), as well as the highly accomplished Mystica (2006) and the covers album, Diamonds Unlocked. Tales Of The Crown (2008), the most recent studio recording by the ARP Band, surprised with a number of innovations and made no. 41 of the German album charts. The Crest is set to repeat this triumphal march.

Prelude Of Doom (Intro) * Too Late * Devil Zone * Prisoner Of Love * Dreaming Dead * Glory Night * Dark Waves Of The Sea (Oceans Of Time Pt. II: The Dark Side) * Burning Rain * Noblesse Oblige (Opus #5 Adagio Contabile) * The End Of Our Time

MAGIC (1997)
MYSTICA (2006)
new: THE CREST (2010)
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