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The Arkanes
Label: SPV Recordings
Release: 25.04.2014
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Buckle Up and Shove It
Peter Pan Speedrock
Label: Steamhammer
Release: 30.05.2014
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Talking ain't Enough/Fair Warning live in Tokyo

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01 Intro
02 Out On The Run
03 Here Comes The Heartache
04 Save Me
05 Angels Of Heaven
06 Don´t Give Up
07 Sakura/Kashmir
08 Generation Jedi
09 Don´t Keep Me Waiting
10 The Last Goodbye (Keyboardfuture)
11 Falling Reprise
12 Long Gone
13 Hey Girl
01 Walking On Smiles
02 I´ll Be There
03 Longing FOr Love
04 I Fight
05 Still I Believe
06 Burning Heart
07 Get A Little Closer
08 When Love Falls
09 Fighting For Your Love
01 Intro
02 Angels Of Heaven
03 Save Me
04 Generation Jedi
05 Out On The Run
06 Heartache
07 Long Gone
08 Longing For Love
09 I Fight
10 Don´t Give Up
11 Burning Heart
12 Get A Little Closer
13 When Love Fails
It´s only 4 years ago when Germany´s first class rockers around their charismatic frontman Tommy Heart reentered the stage after a break of nearly 5 years with great power to introduce the reunion album “Brother´s Keeper”.

A sold out tour through Japan as well as some really impressive festival shows throughout Europe followed.

In summer 2009 they released the much acclaimed studioalbum “AURA”.

Finest guitar rock from the feather of bass player Ule W. Ritgen (9 out of 12 songs) and Fair Warning´s guitarrist Helge Engelke.

Beside that you felt the fun and spontaneity the four guys seem to have during the production – never before the band sounded more selfconfident and focused.

AURA was an album leading the band – even more than the predecessor - back to old virtues like first class songwriting being interpreted from 4 exceptional musicians rocking unrestricted without stylistic bonds reaching a unique integrity.

After a great show at Tokyos Loudpark festivals in 2009 and a sold out tour in Japan in 2010 the band decided to release a live CD and a live DVD to show what they can do intensive live shows which show that they are one of the finest live bands in the world.
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