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Joachim Witt
Label: Oblivion
Release: 25.04.2014
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The Arkanes
Label: SPV Recordings
Release: 25.04.2014
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Redefined Mayhem
Holy Moses
Label: Steamhammer
Release: 25.04.2014
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Ruining Lives
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Release: 25.04.2014
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Peter Pan Speedrock
Label: Steamhammer
Release: 30.05.2014
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The Bullet Records Story"The First Americana Label"

Release date may vary per country.
Various Artists
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01 Dig This Boogie
02 Drinkin' By Myself
03 Nashville Jumps
04 Anna Mae
05 No Good Woman Blues
06 You Sure Look Good To Me
07 Goin' Down Slow
08 I Ain't Done Nothing Wrong
09 Jivin' Woman
10 She's A Married Woman
11 Sherman's Boogie
12 Baby Don't You Want To Go
13 Hard Times
14 Goin' Back Home
15 Move Back To The Woods
16 You've Got To Reap What You Sow
17 Delinquency Blues
18 Sting-A-Ree
19 Miss Martha King
20 Take A Swing With Me
01 That's All She Wrote
02 Guitar Reel
03 Guitar Blues (Instrumental)
04 Hamatramk Mama
05 Doin' The Boogie Woogie
06 High Falutin' Mama
07 Brown's Ferry Boogie
08 Swamp Woman Blues
09 I Worship You
10 Lost Highway
11 They'll Never Take Her Love From Me
12 Double Cross
13 I'm Too Old To Boogie Anymore
14 Hospitality
15 Jealous Lies
16 Heart Don't Complain
17 Rag Mop
18 My Bucket's Been Fixed
19 Mr. & Mrs. Cloud
20 Wild Man Boogie
01 Hawiian War Chant (Instrumental)
02 I'm All Dressed Up With A Broken Heart
03 Bye Bye Blackbird
04 Heidi
05 Avalon (Instrumental)
06 Everything Reminds Me Of You
07 Raggin' The Blues (Instrumental)
08 Frankie & Johnnie
09 I Wonder
10 Boogie Woogie Baby
11 Nobility Boogie (Instrumental)
12 Bewildered
13 Signifying Monkey
14 Deep In My Heart
15 Take Another Guess
16 He's A Bad Man But He Treats Me Good
17 Rag Mop
18 Let's Go To The Liquor Store
19 Amazing Grace
20 Dig A Little Deeper
Bullet Records of Nashville, Tennessee was the first, and initially the most successful, of what would come to be known as the post war indies. These were independent record labels that sprung up across the United States immediately following world war two.

The Bullet Recording and Transcription Company was launched in late 1945 by former Grand Old Opry booking agent Jim Bulliet, along with businessman C.V. Hitchcock and musician/songwriter Wally Fowler.
This is the first comprehensive overview of the Bullet label. The first disc concentrates on Rhythm and Blues (both urban and down home), the second on Country & Western and Hillbilly Boogie, and the third on the jazzier Jump and Jive recordings (with a touch of gospel thrown in for good measure). There are some fascinating moments contained in this collection. It´s wonderful to hear B.B. King, Ray Price and Smoky Hogg in such formative stages in their careers. There is only a hint of the greatness to come. But Chet Atkins and Bobby Troup spring forth fully formed at the very beginning of their careers. The Wynonie Harris tracks are believed to be his only recorded performances on drums, and it´s thrilling to hear Ray Batts and Hardrock Gunter giving birth to rockabilly. Even back then, Nashville wasn´t called Guitar Town for nothing. These guys were really smokin´ (Check out Hank Garland on Autry Inman´s "Double Cross".). There was a ragtime revival underway at the time and John Gordy´s tracks included here feature the recording debut (playing spoons no less!) of future Pop/R&B star Bobby Hebb (composer of "Sunny"). Both the black and white crooners sing in virtually the same style (It´s hard to believe that the Rudy Greene on disc one is the same guy on disc 3.) and there´s very little difference in the black and white versions of "Rag Mop". All of these musicians, black or white, hillbilly or jazz, sound more alike than different, and everybody wanted to boogie. The last two tracks on the collection showcase a black gospel group (The Fairfield Four) singing in a very conservative, traditional style, and a white group (The Speer Family) singing in a black, rough rural style. There was a lot of very interesting, and very natural, musical cross pollination going on in the middle of the last century, and soon it would explode into something called Rock N´ Roll and American music would never be the same again. So in the final analysis there seems to be a thread that runs through all of the Bullet recordings. The performances are all Americana at its finest. Unselfconscious, honest and full of fire. This compilation is a complete cross section of the type of music you would have heard as you spun the dial on your radio in 1950. As their logo said "Bullet-Always A Smash Hit". Well sometimes anyway, but nearly always an interesting recording.
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