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Joachim Witt
Label: Oblivion
Release: 25.04.2014
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The Arkanes
Label: SPV Recordings
Release: 25.04.2014
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Redefined Mayhem
Holy Moses
Label: Steamhammer
Release: 25.04.2014
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Ruining Lives
Label: Steamhammer
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Buckle Up and Shove It
Peter Pan Speedrock
Label: Steamhammer
Release: 30.05.2014
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Champion Records"The Singles Collection"

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Various Artists
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01 She Can Rock
02 Am I Losing You
03 I'm Just What You're Looking For
04 I Thank Him
05 Somebody Somewhere
06 You're My Baby
07 Somebody Somewhere
08 You're My Baby
09 Best Of Luck Baby
10 Sittin' Here Drinkin'
11 Pipe Dreams
12 Blue Night
13 Real Good Man
14 Oh My Love
15 Three Times Seven
16 I Understand
17 Oo Wee Honey
18 Let's Try It Again
19 Now Do You Hear
20 Three Times Seven
01 Let's Rock And Roll
02 My Little Baby
03 Let Your Will Be Done
04 Lord You Know
05 Moon Flight
06 Blue Organ
07 Six Days A Week
08 You Gotta Go
09 No Fool No More
10 Slave To Love
11 Crawdad Hole
12 They Wanna' Fight
13 Kiss Away
14 Let Me Get Close To You Baby
15 Fiesta
16 Nightmare
17 You Gonna Be Sorry
18 Now That We're Together
19 Do You Love Me
20 Every Night In The Week
01 Bring My Cadillac Back
02 I Cried
03 Halelujah
04 Jump Jump Hi Ho
05 Hold Back My Tears
06 Love You Love You Love You
07 If Things Don't Change
08 Young And Fancy Free
09 Love Me A Long Long Time
10 The Road
11 Rent's Too High
12 Fool
13 Goofin' Off
14 Tell Me The Truth
15 Who Spins The Wheel
16 Fever
17 Since You Left Me Behind
18 Live The Life I Sing About
19 I Can't Stand To See You Go
20 Love Me Always
The Calvert record label was founded in 1956 by Alan Bubis and his cousin Reynold Bubis, and the following year the name was changed to Champion Records.
Ted Jarrett was chief songwriter, producer and head of A&R. Ted had written a big hit record for Louis Brooks and the Hi-Toppers on Excello the previous year ("It´s Love Baby, 24 Hours A Day" #2 R&B 1955), so he was really on a roll. The vocalist on that record was Earl Gaines. When Earl´s three followup releases for Excello failed to click, the label dropped him. Ted was only too happy to bring him into the Champion Records fold. The initial releases on Calvert, however, were by two young Jarrett discoveries named Gene Allison and Larry Birdsong. Larry would go on to have a long, if not very illustrious career, but Gene would become a star. When these first two releases started to move, Bubis realized that the records might be too big for his limited distribution network. He licensed the Birdsong and Allison discs to major label Decca Records where they had some modest success. It´s interesting to note that Ted went right back into the studio and covered his own record, cutting the two Allison sides ("Somebody Somewhere" & "You´re My Baby") on Larry Birdsong, though he recorded the "A" side in the newfangled rock n´ roll style rather than the blues style in which Gene had originally recorded it. If a song didn´t hit with one artist, Ted would try it again. If he believed a song to be a hit, he wouldn´t give up. Several of his compositions were recorded by more than one artist, often with different arrangements. And several of the Champion artists re-recorded tunes from Ted´s Republic days.

Nashville was fairly brimming with talent in the late 1950s. Bullet Records had come and gone, but their initial success had spawned many other independent labels like Dot, Excello, Athens, Hermitage, Rich and Delta. Champion installed the Jimmy Beck Orchestra as house band for their recording sessions. Their moniker is a bit overly grand for what amounted to basically just a crackerjack rhythm & blues combo. The group featured legendary blues guitarist Johnny Jones (famous in some circles as the man who tutored Jimi Hendrix in the blues). Many of the artists saw only one of their records released by the label. Champion was essentially a regional company and if a record didn´t sell they quickly moved on to the next artist. There were a few exceptions. The Murfreesboro (actually blues singer Al Garner recording under his nickname) record did well for the company, so well, however, that he was promptly signed by Excello. The Charles Walker record also did fairly well, but Charles had bigger fish to fry and headed out for New York City, where he began a long and interesting career. The Baker Knight record sold well enough to be licensed out to Decca, but he also had bigger ambitions. He relocated to Los Angeles where he became one of the most successful songwriters of his generation. The artists who saw multiple releases for Champion and its subsidiaries moved records by regular touring rather than by radio play. The only release that had any radio exposure was the label´s one and only hit (and it was only a regional hit), "Pipe Dreams" by the Jimmy Beck Orchestra. It sold about fiftythousand copies and was then licensed to Excello for a compilation album.

By 1958 Ted Jarrett had recorded "You Can Make It If You Try" with Gene Allison and had taken both Gene and Larry Birdsong to Vee-Jay Records in Chicago (where Christine Kittrell was recording at the time). The song was a massive hit and Ted was ready to strike out on his own. Without Ted there was no Champion Records, so Alan Bubis bought out his cousin, released the remaining masters he had in the can, and folded the company in 1959. Gene Allison ended up succumbing to alcoholism and ruined his own career, and Ted would end up back working for Alan Bubis at Spar Records in the 1960s. Several of the Champion artists went on to have long careers, Al Garner played drums for Freddie King through the sixties, Johnny Jones played guitar with Bobby "Blue" Bland for many years, Charles Walker became a successful Las Vegas and Atlantic City lounge act with his group The Sidewinders, Earl Gaines had a few more hits in the 1960s and never went without a recording contract until his death in 2009, and all four had a big career resurgence in the 1990s, touring the world and making critically acclaimed new recordings. History has proven that all involved with this small but mighty record company were truly champions of rhythm & blues.
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