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The Arkanes
Label: SPV Recordings
Release: 25.04.2014
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Buckle Up and Shove It
Peter Pan Speedrock
Label: Steamhammer
Release: 30.05.2014
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01 Someone's secret
02 Mickey's laugh
03 We are men
04 Mediterranean flight
05 Crashending
06 Agitation Free At Work (Movie)
After the re-release of both AGITATION FREE studio albums "Malesch" and "2nd" and the collector´s items "Last" and "Live ´74", SPV publishes the last both albums of the AGITATION FREE-Serie – "Fragments" and "River Of Return".

As on the preceding re-releases, these both albums were also digitally remastered. Whereas "Fragment" once again dives deep in the history, "River Of Return" is the new edition of the reunion album recorded 1999.

The first three pieces on "Fragments" were recorded at the “Final Reunion concert“ on the 14th of November, 1974.
This concert was something of a "farewell party" for all friends and all musicians that have ever played in AGITATION FREE.
The sessions of this “Final Reunion of concert“ peaked in uncontrollable improvisations and wild noise but also had quiet and meditative elements.
The most beautiful moments of this concert are caught in three developing sound collages.

The title "Mediterranian Flight" was recorded four months before in July, 1974 in the “Audio Tonstudio“ after the recordings for the Alfred Bergmann play “Der Störenfried” (HR, RIAS Berlin).
The line up at this time: Bernhard Arndt, Dietmar Burmeister, Michael Günther and Gustl Lütjens.

The bonus track is an improvisation called “Crashending”. It is over 13 minutes long and was recorded 1971 in Berlin at the TU Mensa – one of the first important gigs for AGITATION FREE
The line up for this track: Lutz Ulbrich, Michael Hoenig, Jörg Schwenke, Michael Günther and Burghard Rausch.
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