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The Arkanes
Label: SPV Recordings
Release: 25.04.2014
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Buckle Up and Shove It
Peter Pan Speedrock
Label: Steamhammer
Release: 30.05.2014
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One night in Bangkok

Release date may vary per country.
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CD plus Enhanced Track
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01 Among The Weirdcong
02 The Vice Of Killing
03 Der Wachturm
04 The Saw Is The Law
05 Blasphemer
06 Sodomized
07 Remember The Fallen
08 I Am The War
09 Eat Me!
10 Masquerade In Blood
11 M-16
12 Agent Orange
13 Outbreak Of Evil
01 Sodomy & Lust
02 Napalm In The Morning
03 Fuck The Police
04 Tombstone
05 Witching Metal
06 The Enemy Inside
07 Die Stumme Ursel
08 Ausgebombt
09 Code Red
10 Ace Of Spades
11 Stalinhagel
12 Among The Weirdcong
SODOM’s “Agent Orange” album was the first German thrash release to make the German Media Control charts, reaping a platinum award for over one million albums sold the band influenced countless emulators from the thrash, death and black metal genres, shredding more or less every stage on this planet into IKEA-compatible pressboards during their tours. One little spot in Southeast Asia had been spared, however: Bangkok, that Far Eastern jewel, these days better known as a favourite holiday spot for married middle-class businessmen and for its myriad of mopeds than for a music scene featuring members who express their sense of belonging with long hair and a uniform dress-code consisting of sleeveless denim jackets decked out with various colourful patches.

But even this hitherto unspoilt gem reached a point where it seemed impossible to steer off the acoustic influence of our Ruhr area veterans any longer: the trio’s compositions, conserved on vinyl, chromium dioxide and polycarbonate, reached Thailand and were traded mainly in semi-legal style on the metropolis’s street markets concerts and other mass-compatible events are still an exception in the land of strip clubs and high-calcium insect dishes. Most acts prefer to present their array of colourful melodies elsewhere, avoiding Thailand due to its lack of wealthy punters like a vampire avoids a catholic kebab shop.

A deplorable state of affairs, Sodom decided, and TOM ANGELRIPPER, BERNEMANN and BOBBY ventured out to Bangkok in summer 2001 to cause the odd whiplash injury due to increased neck activity – to start off with only in front of a number of imported journos who had come along to listen to SODOM’s most recent studio recording, “M-16”. But while you’re already there …

… you might as well put in a gig or two. Under the auspices of MANNI EISENBLÄTTER, adventurer, travel guide, Asia manager and head host all in one, they soon made out the Rockpub, Bangkok’s oasis of tough sounds, as a suitable venue. The first show performed by ANGELRIPPER and his merry men turned into a triumphal procession – despite a few technical limitations (like some high-voltage power lines held together by normal household connectors): a full house packed out with 500 paying guests, crazed fans who had followed the invitation of the three amigos on rickshaws and water buffaloes from all over Asia, squeezing into the hopelessly sold-out club. In view of the local subtropical climate an event that equals a visit to the sauna with Heidi Klum, Pamela Anderson or Claudia Schiffer – in other words: a pore-opening experience!

When it came to recording SODOM’s third live cut (following “Mortal Way Of Life” and “Marooned”), one thing was certain: instead of running the recording machine like other bands at prestigious festivals or other major events (stamp collector fairs, village fêtes and the like), with most of the audience preferring to hang out at the bar until the headliner arrives, SODOM wanted to return to basics, and preferably in a place where true Sodomaniacs would be waiting for them: be it Bognor Regis, Bridlington, or indeed Bangkok.

The crew purchased another set of tickets to Thailand, opting for the decidedly bigger Hollywood club to cut their current live recording – and found themselves faced with familiar problems: the Thai equipment, by Western standards generally of flea-market value, demanded advanced DIY skills of all-round roadie COLLIN ALLTREE that would make even the likes of MacGuyver blush with shame. The drum kit shimmered in all the colours of the rainbow (obviously the entire local music community had donated bits of equipment), guitars and amps could also be considered “rarities”, and the vocal mics gave off electric shocks whenever somebody touched them. Producer Harris Johns did not only have to revert to a tiny Mac recording machine that operated on ones and zeros since the airline had refused to check in his regular mobile recording unit as hand luggage, he also had to repair the mixing desk, which suffered from the high humidity, and doubled as live mixer during the gig. But all’s well that ends well, so here they are at last – SODOM the way they were and will continue to be: loud, raw, brutal, unadulterated and full on. From the very first to the last note, from opener to encore, all fucking night long.

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