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Mystery in a cup of tea

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01 Walk On By
02 Southward Delight
03 The Bushoong
04 Hold On
05 Lovechild
06 A Present To Mr. Ma
07 Flurious Floods
08 Never Mind
09 Behind The Scenes
10 Like It Or Not
moodorama from Regensburg certainly belongs to the most interesting representatives of the dazzling spectrum Nujazz-Electro-Downbeat. On their previous two albums "Basement Music" (1998) and "Music For Collapsing People" (2000) they represented themselves as masters of the combination of different styles and as experts of musical trends. moodorama therefore has done diverse remixjobs for Czech, Marschmellows, Justin, the French Télépopmusic and many more.

In 2003 they presented their third, but most impressiv new album “listen” (release: February, 24th). “listen” can be understood as a plea for “real-listening”, because the ten tracks (chapters) want us to “listen” to a certain story, only moodorama can tell. These chapters are supported by charming voices, prickly Fender Rhodes-passages and stylish beats.

In January 2005 moodorama released their “Furious Floods” Promo-VinylSingle with two brandnew Album tracks and two bangin’ remixes from Beanfield (Compost rec. GER) and Atjazz (Mantis rec. UK). The Single reached the TopTen at the German ClubCharts and got wide respect from all around the world.

In the meantime moodorama is in great demand. They are represented in more than 80 Compilations, among them Café del Mar, Ambient Lounge, Hugo Boss Complete Cool and Sounds For The Magic Island Ibiza, the StereoDeluxe Compilations Slow mo, Lead with the bass, Idealism or Bassic Instinct and not to forget the successful audiopharm Compilations brazilectro and Asia Lounge.

Of course, moodoramas magic is also heard abroad. They were praised to the skies by the french music press, in America the second album ranked first places on the “College Radio Dance Charts” and entered the top 200 of the Radio Charts. Here all titles of all american music-stations are listed.

In addition to moodorama Sennebogen/Malzer are Residents in their homebase Regensburg and are succesfully touring all over Europe as a DJ-Crew in demand. Among many locations are Unique (Düsseldorf), Atomic Cafe (München), Lasal (Barcelona), King Kamehameha Club (Frankfurt), Roxy (Istanbul) and the "Marlboro Motel Club"-Tour.

Moodorama - Mystery in a cup of tea

There are moments in life, when musical decisions seem to be inevitable. With “Mystery in a cup of tea”, Moodorama are leading us exactly to that point, or rather to a protruding cliff at Cap Horn and with a mischievous grin on their faces they hand us the blindfold that will make it easier for us to jump. The fact that Moodorama are thinking they can seduce us to jump with their tracks at all is not the most stunning, but the most beautiful aspect of these times in music. Just yesterday we were listening to a teasing, playful guitar in the latest U2 album, today it is Moodorama with a boisterous as well as soothing album, that doesn’t give the audience the slightest chance to leave, not even for a second.

I t makes you want to listen to it for hours, but it ends way to soon. A period of time, going by almost unrecognized, but leaving behind a stretching effect in your musical head. As if hours have gone by, but minutes are still there.

One could fight about genres now. Be a rocker, stay devoted to techno music or play freaks in a jazzbar, there is one incorruptible sign that all good records have in common: If you realize that you didn’t press the “skip forward”-button at all, then this is a damn good record. In my eyes it deserves to be labeled “a collector’s item” – “like it or not.”
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