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Label: SPV Recordings
Release: 25.04.2014
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Soul of a man

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01 Soul of a man
02 Kingsize Jones
03 Red cross store
04 Como Se Llama Mama
05 Forty Days And Forty Nights
06 Feeling blue
07 Never give up blues
08 GTO
09 Forty Four
10 Slow moving train
11 Don't ever let nobody drag your spirit down
12 Devil run
13 I don't mind
14 Circuit rider
There are few musicians that a listener recognizes even with closed eyes and among thousands of other voices. Such charismatic voices are what make music able to reach listeners across the globe.

For over forty years, Eric Burdon has been gracing the world with his fascinating voice, his infallible feel for authentic blues rock, his talent and energy. The old motto "it´s the singer not the song" applies to Burdon more than it does to any other vocalist. Burdon´s latest studio album, Soul Of A Man, a 14-track recording is at the interface of rock, blues, folk and gospel. The credo still applies to Burdon that he is a tour de force, as much now as any other time in Burdon´s accomplished career.

Soul Of A Man sees Burdon devote himself to more than a dozen diverse classics from the history of blues music. Some slow and heavy, like ´GTO` or ´Don´t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down`, some rocking, driving, demanding ´Soul Of A Man`, ´Red Cross Store`, ´Devil Run`. Others are breathtakingly funky (´Kingsize Jones`) or venturing into the world of boogie (´Circuit Rider`). "This music has its own philosophy for me," Burdon says. "I´d go even further and credit blues with a healing effect, if you study it deeply enough." Now Burdon has picked out a good dozen classic songs, put his muse to them and reshaped them. The lyrics of Mississippi Fred McDowell`s ´Red Cross Store`, for example, were expanded, as was Howlin´ Wolf´s ´Forty Four`.

The John Rabbit Bundrick original ´Devil Run`, is complemented by a number of statements on political and social issues of this era. Burdon explains, "My music is always about events in world history." In this context, it is important to note that all of Burdon´s alterations are made with great respect for the originals. By collecting different types of blues and putting his muse to them, Burdon brings new life to great masters. Burdon has devoted his album to the effort of resurrecting New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. To the great city of New Orleans and the cradle of blues music that lies in the Gulf Coast. To the great blues singers who have influenced Burdon all his life and the icon that New Orleans is to the world.

Soul of a Man is produced by Grammy award winner Tony Braunagel. The band for this recording consisted of Johnny Lee Schell (guitar), Mike Finnigan (organ), Tony Braunagel (Drums) and James "Hutch" Hutchinson (bass). Burdon was supported by renowned musicians such as Carl Carlton (guitar), Lenny Castro (percussions), John Cleary (piano) and Ivan Neville (background vocals, organ). Despite all these instrumental accomplishments, Burdon´s voice continues to be at the epicenter of Blues and Rock and a powerful performer. As one critic put it: "Burdon´s voice continues to be a phenomenon…The past is never past, particularly when it comes to rock´n´roll." The singer of world hits such as ´When I Was Young`, ´CC Rider`, ´Don´t Let Me Be Misunderstood`, ´Tobacco Road` or ´War`, which made Burdon a living legend. He is still creating and performing at the top of his game. Soul Of A Man shows an extremely lively, contemporary and hungry musician.
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