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Ghost opera - The second coming/ Re-release

Release date may vary per country.
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 LP Vinyl Format
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01 Solitaire
02 Rule the world
03 Ghost opera
04 The human stain
05 Blücher
06 Love you to death
07 Up through the ashes
08 Mourning star
09 Silence of the darkness
10 Anthem
11 EdenEcho
12 Memento Mori (enhanced Video live Belgrade, Serbia)
13 Human stain (enhanced video)
01 Solitaire
02 Ghost opera
03 The human stain
04 Mourning star
05 When the lights are down
06 Abandoned
07 The haunting (with Simone Simons/Epica)
08 Memento Mori
09 Epilogue
10 March of Mephisto
11 Seasons end
12 Pendulous fall
13 Epilogue
14 Rule the world (remix)
Hannover, Germany, February 11th, 2008 - One of music´s premier and prestigious rock/metal acts KAMELOT will reissue its classic "Ghost Opera". For countless Kamelot fans, "Ghost Opera" is a milestone in the band´s history.

March 28th, 2008 (Germany), March 31st, 2008 (Europe) and April 8th, 2008 (USA/Canada) will see the re-release of this classic recording under the title of "Ghost Opera- The Second Coming", enhanced with lots of interesting features. The album will be released as a double CD limited edition slipcase design, proving again that Kamelot is among the most important representative of its genre worldwide.

This sophisticated and comprehensive package includes the CD featuring all the songs from the regular album, plus ten additional live tracks recorded live in Belgrade Serbia during the bands Worldtour 2007, plus the bonus tracks - Seasons End, Pendulous Fall, Epilogue and the remix of Rule The World. Additionally the two videos for Human Stain and Memento Mori (live) and on top of that, the package features new artwork and a comprehensive booklet.

CD1 : Ghost Opera
1. Solitaire
2. Rule The World
3. Ghost Opera
4. The Human Stain
5. Blücher
6. Love You To Death
7. Up Through The Ashes
8. Mourning Star
9. Silence Of The Darkness
10. Anthem
11. EdenEcho
12. Memento Mori (enhanced Video Live Belgrade, Serbia)
13. Human Stain (enhanced Video)

CD 2 : « Live from Belgrade »
1. Solitaire
2. Ghost Opera
3. The Human Stain
4. Mourning Star
5. When the Lights Are Down
6. Abandoned
7. The Haunting (with Simone Simons/Epica)
8. Memento Mori
9. Epilogue
10. March of Mephisto
Studio cuts:
11. Seasons End
12. Pendulous Fall
13. Epilogue
14. Rule The World (Remix)

Kamelot´s massive European Headliner Tour kicks off this April/May 2008, followed by select high profile Summer Festivals.

special guest: FIREWIND and Forever Slave
04.04. GB-London - Carling Academy
05.04. GB-Wolverhampton - Wulfrun
06.04. NL-Amsterdam - Paradiso
09.04. B-Antwerp - Hof Ter Lo
10.04. D-Saarbrücken - Garage
11.04. F-Paris - Elysee Montmartre
12.04. CH-Pratteln - Z7
13.04. I-Milano - Alcatraz
16.04. GR-Athens - Fuzz Club
17.04. GR-Thessaloniki - Ydrogeios
18.04. BG-Sofia - Hristov Botev
19.04. SER-Beograd - SKC
20.04. HU - Budapest - Wigwam
21.04. D-Reichenbach/Vogtl - Neuberinhalle
22.04. D-Munich - Backstage
23.04. D-Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
24.04. D-Essen - Weststadthalle
25.04. D-Hamburg - Markthalle
28.04. FI-Helsinki - Tavastia
29.04. FI-Oulo - Teatria
01.05. SE-Stockholm - Klubben
02.05. SE-Gothenburg - Trädgarn
03.05. NO-Oslo - Sentrum Scene

"Ghost Opera" 2007 Chart listings in the following countries around the world:
Japan 13
Greece 23
United Kingdom 24 (rock&metal charts)
Norway 25
Sweden 29
Finland 35
United States 48 (Indie charts), 18 Top Heatseekers chart
The Netherlands 51
Germany 61
France 83
Switzerland 88
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