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The Arkanes
Label: SPV Recordings
Release: 25.04.2014
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Buckle Up and Shove It
Peter Pan Speedrock
Label: Steamhammer
Release: 30.05.2014
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The final sign of evil

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01 The sin of Sodom
02 Blasphemer
03 Bloody Corpse
04 Witching metal
05 Sons of hell
06 Bust command 'til war
07 Where angels die
08 Sepulchral voice
09 Hatred of the gods
10 Ashes To Ashes
11 Outbreak of evil
12 Defloration
Oh my God! This is the year of 2007. 23 years have passed already since we got hold of our very first record deal in 1984 A.D.. What we never thought to be possibly suddenly became reality. We had to go to a Studio! “In The Sign Of Evil” was born. At first sight we were not aware of the fact that we placed our very own unmistakable mark and settled our territories which we are stil defending nowadays. The word of “Witching Metal” spread a became something completely innovative and still holds up among our disciples until today.
While having a few beers during our very first so called Sodom class reunion I got into talking about the old days with my former mates Grave Violator and Chris Witchhunter. Later on Grave Violator mentioned he still possessed an old tape full of tracks, fragments of songs and various rehearsal sessions.”Devil’s Game” our label at that time did not give us the opportunity to record all tracks to deliver a complete Album. As time goes by, these days we might well understand and truly accept the decision as it was plain to see we totally lacked professional ambitions back then. The company’s faith in our ability to fulfill a few weeks of studio duties as well as in the producer team instantly decreased after listening to the rough mixes of the first five songs. Those were the five tracks that should be mixed and carved into vinyl. Bad luck! We were so serious. But even that scar slowly disappeared as years went by and we can be sure and proud this by many insiders considered milestone found its place in music history as well as in many record collections.
Sometime, almost two decades later our record company asked us if there were any unreleased songs from that era. As mentioned before, there is a tape we recorded back in `84 in our rehearsal room on an old “ITT-Schaub Lorenz” machine, which was already old fashioned back then. We answered the question if anyone might be interested in resurrecting those songs with a definite “yes”. So there was only one option: We had to enter the studio once more. The way the recordings finally took place, which nice and ugly moments we shared, which tragedies occurred, how many beers and tears we swallowed and who stepped out as a producer shall not remain under the pledge of secrecy but will be revealed at another time and another place. But the spirit and charm of the old days of the 80s we captured on tape for this album is plain to see even for those who are not aware of our music or consequently ignore it. Anyway, we can be sure our fellow disciples will follow us.
In that way: The Sign Of Sodom Is The Final Sign Of Evil

Tom Angelripper, July 2007
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