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Buckle Up and Shove It
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Live over Europe

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01 Fly to the moon
02 Strong as a rock
03 The masquerade ball/Casbash
04 Drumsolo
05 Tear down the walls
06 Mystica
07 Rock the nation
08 The temple of the king
09 Fool fool
10 Call her princess
01 Tear down the walls
02 Strong as a rock
03 Fool fool
04 The masquerade ball/Casbash
05 Carousel ( incl. Keyboard solo)
06 The temple of the king
07 Call her princess
08 Legions Of Hell
09 Take The Crown
10 Rock The Nation
11 Strong As A Rock
12 Love Gun
13 Oceans Of Time
14 Fly To The Moon
15 Mystica
16 Haunted Castle Serenade
17 Rock The Nation
18 Call Her Princess
Since continuity has always been an important criterion for him, Axel Rudi Pell is one of those artists on whom you can always rely for superlative music. Since 1980, the musician from Bochum, Germany, has been solid as a rock in a multi-faceted melodic metal scene which has produced few musicians as charismatic as him. For more than 25 years, the guitarist and songwriter has been making music under his own name, and the current line-up of his band can look back at nine extremely successful years. “This is definitely the strongest band that I’ve ever had,” enthuses Pell. “We’re like a well-oiled machine and rely on each other blindly, so we can take a lot of artistic liberties on stage.” In long series of amazing concerts and celebrated tours, the band’s performance at the 2007 Rock Hard Festival at the Gelsenkirchen Amphitheater has been among the most outstanding shows of his career. 22 February 2008 (Europe: 25 February 2008) will see the release of this show on the double DVD, Live Over Europe. “We had been booked as co-headliners at the Rock Hard Festival, alongside Thin Lizzy, which allowed us to play in the dark, with full stage lights and pyros,” says Pell, explaining his reasons for bringing out these worthwhile recordings on DVD.

The 75-minute concert presents the Axel Rudi Pell Band in a generous mood, performing haunting versions of their most important tracks, among them ‘Strong As A Rock’, ‘Tear Down The Walls’, ‘Mystica’, ‘Rock The Nation’ and ‘Fool Fool’. The release will include an additional bonus DVD featuring select footage from the years 2004 to 2006 from Pell’s private vaults, including the 2005 Wacken Open Air, the same year’s Bang Your Head, the 2004 Sweden Rock Festival and shows in the UK, Belgium, Switzerland, and his local club, the Zeche in Bochum. “I have been collecting privately-shot footage since 2004. Most of it was filmed from the light mixing desk with only one camera, more or less from the audience’s perspective, so everything is extremely authentic. The sound can’t be compared to the Rock Hard Festival, but we remastered it and adapted the volume. To me, this makes it an interesting recording which documents the harmonic interplay between the current line-up on stage.”

No wonder: in vocalist Johnny Gioeli, drummer Mike Terrana, bassist Volker Krawczak and keyboardist Ferdy Doernberg, Pell continues to be supported by excellent musicians who get on well privately and sound extremely homogenous musically. Pell is already busy making plans for the future of this extremely strong line-up, who have a number of highlights up their sleeve for the coming year. “There will be a new studio album in 2008, plus a number of festival shows, and a headliner tour in autumn.” That’s all he’s prepared to give away at this point, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Pell’s career began in 1980 with the band, Steeler, who sold over 30,000 copies of their commercially most successful release, Strike Back, and brought out their fourth and final album, Undercover Animal, in 1988. In November of that same year, Pell formed his own group together with Jörg Deisinger (ex-Bonfire), drummer Jörg Michael, bassist Thomas Smuszynski (ex-U.D.O.) and the American vocalist, Charlie Huhn (Ted Nugent, Gary Moore, Victory). Their debut album, Wild Obsessions, arrived at the stores one year later, followed by Nasty Reputation, for whom Pell enlisted the American frontman, Rob Rock (M.A.R.S, Impellitteri), who was replaced during the subsequent German tour by former Malmsteen vocalist, Jeff Scott Soto. With Soto as a new member, the third album, Eternal Prisoner (1992), was undeniable proof that the band had found their own, unmistakable style from the beginning. One year later, Pell brought out The Ballads, an album featuring his most accomplished rock ballads. With Between The Walls (1994) and the live recording, Made In Germany, the guitarist from Bochum held on to his typical style even in the post-grunge era. The subsequent Black Moon Pyramid (1996) was the second Pell album in succession to make the German album charts. 1997 saw the arrival of Pell’s eighth offering, Magic, featuring a thematically consistent concept about supernatural stories. Magic also entered the charts, followed by Oceans Of Time, the commercially most successful album at that time by the Axel Rudi Pell band, and the continuation of Pell’s ballad concept (The Ballads II, 1999). Following the departure of Jeff Scott Soto, Pell enlisted American vocalist Johnny Gioeli (ex-Hardline) for the production of Oceans Of Time, The Ballads III and his 2000 release, Masquerade Ball. His characteristic voice also enhanced the subsequent releases, Shadow Zone (2002) and Kings & Queens (2004). Mystica, another exceptional recording, saw the band come full circle in summer 2006, and the double DVD Live Over Europe is the cherry on the cake in a long series of outstanding releases.

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