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One cold winter's night

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01 Intro: Un assasino molto silenzioso
02 The black halo
03 Soul society
04 The edge of paradise
05 Center of the universe
06 Nights of arabia
07 Abandoned
08 Forever
09 Keyboard solo
10 The haunting
11 Moonlight
12 When the lights are down
13 Elizabeth (Part I,II & III)
14 March of mephisto
15 Karma
16 Drum solo
17 Farewell
18 Curtain call
01 Journey Within: Halo Vision
02 Journey Within: Upclose Interview (Thomas Youngblood)
03 Journey Within: Upclose Interview (Casey Grillo)
04 Journey Within: Upclose Interview (Oliver Palotai)
05 Journey Within: Simone Simons Interview
06 Journey Within: Casey Grillo At Drum
07 The Haunting (Video)
08 March Of Mephisto (Video)
09 March Of Mephisto (Uncensored)(Video)
10 Abanoned (Video)
11 When The Lights Are Down (Video)
12 Serenade (Video)
13 Making Of "The Haunting"
14 "March Of The Mephisto Live" Sweden Rock 2006
”One of Metal’s most unique and critically aclaimed bands “Kamelot” delivers their crushing live performance on DVD for the masses to relish and hold sacred. Kamelot pulls out all the stops with special guest appearances, pyros, over the top lights and a band performance like no others. ”One Cold Winter’s Night” will set a new standard for live DVD’s in the metal scene. This DVD is a must for all fans of a great music and imageryl”

”One Cold Winter’s Night” was recorded on February 11th, 2006 at the historic Rockefeller Musichall in Oslo, Norway. Kamelot enlisted reknowned film and video director Patric Ullaeus to chronicle the night’s events. Bringing with him from Gothenberg Sweden, Patric had a large crew of professionals and equipment including 18 cameras that would be used in and around the concert grounds. The title for the bands first DVD to date (based on an earlier Kamelot song title) was chosen long before the actual shoot. Ironically this winter turned out to be one of the longest and coldest in the country’s history, with enormous amounts of snow and numerous chaos-causing blizzards. A very special “thanks” goes out to fans that had to wait in line before doors opened to the sold out show. We sincerely hope we managed to warm you back up!
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