ANNISOKAY release video for “Carry Me Away”

German metalcore act ANNISOKAY completed work on their new music video for the single “Carry Me Away”. After exclusive video premieres with REVOLVER (USA) and IMPERICON (Europe) the video is now available in the band’s YouTube channel. Their new album “Enigmatic Smile” will be released on March 23rd (UK & Europe) and April 14th (N.America) via Long Branch Records.

ANNISOKAY said about the song and video, “Like every other ANNISOKAY video in the past, we decided to produce this one by ourselves too, so our guitarist and singer Christoph took the part of the director. The story of the video is pretty much connected to the lyrics of the song. Everyone has to part with a loved thing at least one time in life, so everyone has to learn how to let go and look ahead instead of being stuck to the past. If someone leaves you or even passes away, you’re often scared to forget about him or even ‘hurt’ him if you start to go on with your life and maybe get to know new people. The long road of letting go is often difficult to pass and is visualized in the video of ‘Carry Me Away’ by showing the protagonist taking a long and dangerous travel. He is carrying a wooden, locked box with him, which contains all the past things and memories he’s cling to. The box needs to be taken to a safe, far and unknown place, before he’s finally able to leave it behind. We won’t tell you now where this place is, but we can already say that the shoot brought the whole team to their physical limits. We shot in places where one wrong step could have been fatally. The hard work was definitely worth it!”

​”Enigmatic Smile” will be available as CD Digipak, iTunes Bonus Version, Standard Download, Deezer Bonus Version and Stream.
Annisokay - Enigmatic Smile