BIRTH OF JOY announce new livealbum

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Just a few months in and we can already tell 2015 is gonna be another good one for Dutch psychedelic rockers BIRTH OF JOY! Earlier this year they got nominated for a prestigious Edison Pop Award with their latest studioalbum ‘Prisoner’, and in June they’ll release their first LIVE album. “LIVE AT UBU” is recorded during two sold out shows on Jan. 29 and 30 in Rennes (FR) and catches the psychedelic rockers doing what they do best – playing high-energy psychedelic organ rock & roll. Combined with a totally crazy audience this double CD/triple LP will definitely blow your socks off for almost 2,5 hours!

BOJ 2014_live_small

Influenced by psychedelica, blues and steaming rock&roll this trio takes you back to the good old times of MC5, The Doors and even Pink Floyd. At the same time they introduce a modern twist influenced by stoner, grunge and punk and hence create their own sound! With a drum-player that could be John Bonham’s son, an organist that harasses his instrument to death and a singer/guitarist that seems to be the power-incarnation of Jim Morrison, this band is bound to catapult psychedelic rock&roll back into our modern times with an energy you can’t resist!


QUOTES for their latest album “Prisoner”


‘It [Prisoner] swept over me like a big warm wave; it sounds huge – Grow’ is a monster, it growls in a way I haven’t heard since John Lord laid the keyboards on Smoke On The Water”
- Vive Le Rock Magazine

“The sound infuses QOTSA attack with Doorsy diversions, while How It Goes invokes hell-for-leather 60’s Detroit stampede, making for a refreshing-knee trembler which well could provide Birth Of Joy with their breakthrough” 
- Classic Rock Magazine

“Dutch noisemongers Birth Of Joy play punk tinged psychedelic rock n’ roll and are gearing up for an attack on the big time with the release of their third album Prisoner – the three-piece could be a formidable force over the next 12 months”
- Big Cheese Magazine

“The album is a killer and their live shows aint too shoddy either. Birth Of Joy, from the Netherlands, are proving to be a true LIVE rock sensation”
- Artrocker

“It’s ‘Sixties On Steroids’ …and we certainly dig it! It’s catchy, it’s gritty, and it’s authentic. There’s something for everyone in their latest record The Prisoner and if you’re looking for pure classic rock and roll, then look no further!”
- AltWire

“Prisoner’s densely instrumented symbiosis of indie rock, blues and psychedelia is tantalizing from the first chord to the last.”
- Indiefuzz



MAY 05: NL – Zwolle, Bevrijdingsfestival
MAY 05: NL – Rotterdam, Bevrijdingsfestival
MAY 14: NL – Ovezande, Klomppop Festival
MAY 15: UK – Brighton, TGE – Dutch Impact
MAY 15: UK – Brighton, TGE
MAY 23: NL – Delft, Delft City Pop
MAY 30: NL – Den Haag, Sniester Festival
MAY 31: NL – Breda, Snipperdag Festival
JUN 06: FR – Maubeuge, Les Folies Festival
JUN 12: DE – Hamm, Open Air Hamm
JUN 13: NL – Velzen-Zuid, Beeckestijnpop
JUN 14: PL – Warsaw, Orange Warsaw Festival
JUN 20: CZ – Prague, United Islands
JUL 03: FR – Dinan, Festival Bobital
JUL 04: FR – Nort sur Erdre, Nuit de l’Erdre
JUL 11: ES – Barcelona, Cruilla
JUL 16: CH – Montreux, Montreux Festival
JUL 17: CH – Berne, Gurten festival
JUL 18: DE – Weigendorf, Open Air
JUL 24: DE – Beelen, Krach Am Bach
JUL 25: NL – Ijzendijke, Weitjerock
JUL 26: LUX – Luxembourg, FFYS
JUL 31: DE – Raversbeuren, Lott Festival
AUG 08: FR – Trévou Tréguignec, Chausse tes tongs festival
AUG 23: UK – Escot Park, Beautiful Days
AUG 28: DE – Lehrte, Zytanien Festival



“Three Day Road” –
“Grow” –
“Mad Men” –
“Rock & Roll Show” –

Line Up:
Kevin Stunnenberg, Vocals/Guitar
Bob Hogenelst, Drums/Backing Vocals
Gertjan Gutman, Organ/Bass