GABI DELGADO signs to Oblivion/SPV

The new year has only just started, and already the Hanover-based record label SPV is proud to announce the enlistment of one of the most charismatic and innovative German artists: Gabi Delgado, frontman of the legendary electropunk pioneers DAF (‘Tanz den Mussolini’, ‘Der Räuber und der Prinz’) and successful composer, songwriter and producer, is set to release his latest album, “2”. Only one year after the arrival of his predecessor album, “1”, Delgado has once again drawn on his apparently unlimited compositional resources, announcing a double album featuring more than thirty tracks. He refers to the stylistic direction of the material as a “mix of DAF-style synthesizer sounds and contemporary club beats, combined with typically provocative German-language Delgado lyrics.”

Delgado celebrated his international breakthrough with DAF at the beginning of the 1980s. Critics praised the band as the most influential German electro act alongside Kraftwerk and Can. As well as seven DAF albums, the Spanish-born artist has produced recordings with acts such as Delkom and DAF/DOS, in addition to working as a solo musician, label boss and DJ in Berlin.

Gabi Delgado is currently applying the finishing touches to his new numbers. “2” is scheduled to be released at the end of May, before Delgado is set to perform a number of live shows two weeks later.  The multi-talented musician is already looking forward to both: “I’m proud to be in a position to present my sophomore release ‘2’ only one year after the arrival of the ‘1’ album, and other than that – to quote Parliament/Funkadelic: move your ass and your mind will follow.”

Gero Herrde (A&R SPV/Oblivion): “DAF has been a cultural asset of German music history for a long time, and the solo works of Gabi Delgado are no less than that. I’m more than proud to welcome an artist with such a high relevance  – in past, present and future times!”

Photo (f.l.t.r.): Olaf Sprick (WoD Booking&Consulting), Gero Herrde (A&R Oblivion/SPV), Gabi Delgado, Frank Uhle (M.D. SPV GmbH).