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AGENT FRESCO is an Icelandic band of startling originality known for its intensely dramatic performances of music combining the pop, alternative, art and math-rock genres.
While their 2008 EP, Lightbulb Universe, won them early acclaim -- a Kraumur Music Award and Best New Artist designation at the 2009 Icelandic Music Awards - it is their ambitious concept album "A Long Time Listening" that offers a glimpse of their true potential. The 17 tracks of this elaborately structured album trace the emotional echo of the passing of O&#776 rn Jo&#769 ns Petersen, father of vocalist Arno&#769 r Dan Arnarson, whose lyrics tell this tale of loss in images both imaginatively raw and resonant with mythical allusion. Uniquely personal, but operatic in intensity, and wildly eclectic in music style, the album is balanced with brilliant symmetry around the middle track, Yellow Nights, a song that repeats itself, backwards, in its second half. The large-scale architectural structure and linked musical motifs of this album will provide longtime listening interest for fans whose first came to the band for the breathless stammer and heart-laid-bare vulnerability of the band´s hot emotional appeal. Recognized by Morgunblaðið as "an amazing album by the best rock band in the country today," it was immediately short-listed for Best Album of the Year by Icelandic music critics of both national newspapers, then climbed to #1 on the charts of the gogoyoko music download site.