MAD MAX to release new album “Thunder, Storm and Passion”

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MAD MAX will release the new album “Thunder, Storm and Passion” via Steamhammer / SPV shortly. The release dates are:

Europe: August 28th, 2015
USA + Canada: September 4th, 2015

The album comes as a high class digipac and contains 12 re-recorded classis on CD 1 and a bonus CD “Live at Bang Your Head Festival 2014”. The complete tracklisting can be found below.

As a new member of the band we welcome Mr. Thomas “Hutch” Bauer” on bass guitar!

It all began in 1982 when the ´New Wave of Britsish Heavy Metal´ stormed in from Great Britain all over Europe. This was the starting point for the passionate and young German band from Muenster. Heavy Metal music was the rule, and sending the first demos ever to the recently founded company ´Roadrunner Records´ made them get one of their first signings. Mad Max were in good company: Bands like Metallica, King Diamond or Lee Aaron were signed to the nowadays very highly acclaimed metal label as well. The deal ran over three albums, and suddenly the band started touring intensively with bands as Pretty Maids, Yngwie Malmsteen, Uriah Heep or Stryper and playing the legendary „Dynamo Open Air“ Festival in Eindhoven. Then, in the beginning of the new century, Mad Max signed to SPV and played huge international festivals like Rocklahoma, Wacken, Bang your Head or Rock of Ages, followed by two European Tours as support for Axel Rudi Pell.

Going back to their roots and their very successful period from 1984-87 and they are now bringing out a best of Album:

„Thunder“ (Rollin’ Thunder)

„Storm“ (Stormchild)


„Passion“ (Night of Passion)

MAD MAX Thunder, Storm and Passion WEB


CD 1 (Re-Recorded Classics)

  1. Fly Fly Away 04:33
  2. Losing You 04:08
  3. Rollin`Thunder 04:24
  4. Thoughts Of A Dying Man 05:58
  5. Never Say Never 03:16
  6. Lonely Is The Hunter 05:40
  7. Stormchild 03:46
  8. Heroes Die Lonely 03:37
  9. Burning The Stage 05:35
  10. Wait For The Night 04:21
  11. Night Of Passion 03:52
  12. Hearts On Fire 03:45

CD 2 (Bonus CD “Live at Bang Your Head Festival 2014”)

  1. Burning The Stage 05:23
  2. Night Of Passion 03:53
  3. Rolling Thunder 05:03
  4. Wait For The Night 04:40
  5. Lonely Is The Hunter 06:24
  6. Never Say Never 03:52
  7. Thoughts Of A Dying Man 06:19
  8. Fox On The Run 06:25