New Signing REX BROWN BAND – new solo album by Rex Brown to be released in June

Posted on March 10, 2017 Under Uncategorized

Multi-platinum selling artist Rex Brown (PANTERA, DOWN) is due to release his first solo album via SPV / Steamhammer within Europe. “I’ve been working on these songs for a long time,” says Brown. The yet to be titled full length will be the first time in Brown’s career in which he will serve as both, lead vocalist and guitarist in a band. The release is planed for June 23rd, 2017.

Georg Schröder (A+R Steamhammer) on the signing: “We are honored and proud to release the first Rex Brown solo album within Europe. The album shows a side of him, that many people won’t expect but it is well worth to check it out and i’m really looking forward to get this one out there.”


Steamhammer / SPV welcomes the REX BROWN BAND!


After a season away to gather his wits about him, rediscover his own roots, and assemble a group of players ready to help him execute his vision for the days ahead, Rex Brown reemerges with a semi truck’s worth of rock n’ roll tunes as honest and sincere as they come. The new album is the sound of the man’s own truth, forthright and ego-free. As he likes to say, “You’re only as good as your word and your word better be good.”

Rex’s solo album is full of mojo and the force of character, determination, and nerve. He tracked lead vocals, rhythm guitars, and bass, working with his primary collaborator and old friend, Lance Harvill, a Nashville-based guitarist and songwriter, on the album’s songs. “Lance was & is, my main man on this. Everything we did was finely tuned, both musically & brotherly.”

Drums were tracked by Christopher Williams, himself no stranger to diverse tastes, from funk music to punk. His talent has been utilized by country music star Lee Greenwood, the reconstituted Blackfoot and most recently, power metal legends Accept. The album was produced by New Yorker turned Nashville transplant Caleb Sherman, a multi-instrumentalist with work on records by Little Big Town and Porter Block, among others. “Caleb produced the project from a musician’s standpoint,” adds Brown. “Not just a typical producer’s standpoint, which was something I definitely needed. Between Caleb and Lance, we were a force to be reckoned with. They really pulled out the best in me.”Peter Keyes, known for his work with Lynyrd Skynyrd can also be heard on a few tracks. All bass tracking came from Rex himself as well.