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2014/03/11 01:13 PM


New Album Neumond scheduled for release on 25 April 2014

Joachim Witt has written German music history several times over the past 35 years. As ´Goldener Reiter` and ´Herbergsvater` he has become embedded in our collective memory, in 1998 he landed one of the most unusual hits in German music history with ´Die Flut`, and then he surprised everyone in 2012 with ´Gloria`, one of the most poignant songs ever about love and loss. Now the versatile musician has once more reinvented himself on an album packed with gripping electro anthems: scheduled for release on 25 April 2014, his latest work Neumond – without giving too much away – counts among the most personal and surprising albums of his long career.

Joachim Witt has never made any secret of the fact that many of his songs contain autobiographical elements. This time it’s the title track that relates to the singer’s life. “Wer fügt sich schwer dem Herdentrieb? (who finds it hard to follow the herd?)” Witt asks against ambient soundscapes, only to finish by hinting that he’s referring to himself, a “shy and tormented soul”. The Hamburg-born singer has once again transformed his tormented soul into a creative high that finds its expression and fulfillment in Neumond. Together with Martin Engler – otherwise frontman of Mono Inc. – Witt has lit up a good three quarters of an hour of this dark lunar phase.


f.l.t.r.: Eric Burton (Schubert Music/Hardbeat), Gero Herrde (A&R SPV GmbH), Joachim Witt, Frank Uhle (CEO SPV GmbH).

For Witt, signing with SPV was the logical consequence of a trust that has been growing for a long time: “I’ve enjoyed a long friendship with the SPV label, always characterized by mutual respect and appreciation. Once again, for my new album Neumond I can feel the fantastic commitment and energy of the whole team led by General Manager Frank Uhle and A&R/Product Manager Gero Herrde.“

Gero Herrde is also delighted at the signing of the renowned artist: “Joachim Witt is not just an icon, a cult figure who has had an enormous influence on German-language music over the last three decades, he also happens to be a forward-thinking, brilliant musician of a standard you don’t come across often. I’m extremely proud that we’ve been able to sign Joachim Witt for our label and am looking forward to working with him!”

Witt’s manager, Eric Burton, of Schubert Music Agency / Hardbeat Promotion is equally unreserved in his enthusiasm: “To work with Joachim Witt and the SPV team is a great experience, and I’m really looking forward to it. With Neumond Joachim Witt has come up with another fantastic album with a concept and music that will surprise and please fans enormously!”