PSYCHOPUNCH hire DeLorean and Tattoo Model to release new video today

What can a swedish Rock n Roll band do when they have a day off during their tour? Aftershowparty the whole day long? Visiting the local library to get some inspiration for new songs from classic books? NO – let’s just hire a DeLorean, a Tattoo model and somebody who can film the whole stuff and let’s do a new video! Sounds funny… but exactly that happend here… the result will be released today. Well done boys! :-)

You want to see the video?

The band about the video:The idea for this video was to do something 80s Miami Vice & Sugar Daddy Style with the world famous DeLorean – best known from the “Back to the Future” Films with Michael J. Fox. Frontman Jarmo should look totally different from all the other videos the band has done in the last years… silly posing, dancing and performing funny stuff. Director Dirk Behlau found an old lost place in Düsseldorf, Germany and the video was shot in late october 2016 with alternative model Femke Fatale from Belgium. The DeLorean is owned by DMXFrenkie from Holland since the 90s. He also brought the Marty McFly cap Jarmo is wearing tin the video. It was a lot of laughing involved during the takes… lots of takes where for example neccessary for the opening take because Jarmo or/and Femke were laughing out loud a lot because of all its ludicrousness. The fun part is when drummer Jocke (who also plays guitar in Axenstar) is taking over the guitar solo and Femke Fatale switches over to him because his style is probably more “interesting” than the Sugar Daddy one… anyway: This was a blast!”