Marketing & Promotion

Artists are personalities. Each one has a unique vision. Their music transport values, the qualities and ideas that shape our daily lives is not a matter of chance. It’s the result of a focused process of analysis, positioning and brand profile development.

SPV creates products with ambitious goals, distinctive positions and unique values. We develop and refine brand profiles for artists, bands and labels. In all media. For any target group.

Our promoters are in worldwide daily contact to all relevant media partners in the territories.

Less than three seconds: that’s how long a reader looks at an advertisement on average. To get attention in that short a time, you need a clear message. Whether image campaigns or product ads for end consumers, we create high-attention campaigns that communicate your messages persuasively.

We conceive and develop all kinds of topics appropriately for the needs of different target audiences. In high quality form and content, from photo selection and the copy to the final production.

In direct communication with specific addressees we initiate a dialog and intensify it step by step to create communities. From a mailing idea to its usability, from the flow of the layout to the incentive to buy.

SPV develop creative, innovative applications to make optimum use of the medium for the specific content to be conveyed. For online needs we create demos, websites, landing pages, banner ads, e-mail newsletters and social media campaigns.

In moving pictures we present artists and their products. We create television and cinema spots, image films and radio ads from the initial idea to the finished film.

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