VARDIS veröffentlichen neues Lyric-Video!!!

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Die NWoBHM Veteranen VARDIS veröffentlichen ein Lyric-Video zum neuen Song “Paranoia Strikes” aus dem kommenden Comeback Album “Red Eye”.

Steve Zodiac sagt über den Song: “Paranoia Strikes’ is about the animal instinct for self preservation amplified to the point of mania. It’s potential is within us all, but Emperors, Dictators and the like seem to be especially susceptible. In that sense paranoia is the flip side of egomania: an excess of power, wealth or drugs can bring both to the surface. My starting point was that animal trigger in humanity, so this track was written to be feral and frenzied, with savage riffs.”

Das neue Album “Red Eye” erscheint am 20. Mai 2016 als Digipak Version (incl. 2 Bonus Tracks + Poster), LP Version in rotem Vinyl und Download (iTunes exclusive mit  2 Bonus Tracks).

1. Red Eye 4:08
2. Paranoia Strikes 3:36
3. I Need You Now 3:26
4. The Knowledge 4:24
5. Lightning Man 3:33
6. Back To School 3:36
7. Jolly Roger 5:15
8. Head of the Nail 4:22
9. Hold Me 4:59
10. 200 M.P.H. 7:47
11. Living Out Of Touch 3:31
12. 200 M.P.H. (Reprise) 3:38

VARDIS live 2016
30.07. Brande/Hörnerkirchen – Headbangers Open Air

Das Video ist hier zu sehen: