Das österreichische Rock-Duo White Miles hat seine Auflösung bekanntgegeben. Nach ihrem Labeldebut “The Duel” im Frühjahr 2016 auf Long Branch Records und weltweiten Konzerten entschied sich die Band fortan getrennte Wege zu gehen. Alle angekündigten Konzerte sind abgesagt. Schlagzeuger Lofi erklärte die Entscheidung in einer Pressemeldung. Hier das vollständige Statement:

“!Dear music lovers, followers and friends!

i am deeply sorry,.. and it truely breaks my heart,.. to announce to you that the era of


unexpected and as hard as it could get it hit me when Medina decided to leave the band,
to move on with her idea and conception of music.
everybody of us needs to reflect and decide where to and how he wants to move on in his life.
and whatever it’s gonna be that Medina is working on, or wherever it’s gonna lead her, I do wish her all the best for it.
I wanna say thanks medina, for all the years of mayhem and kickin’ ass, for all the blues and for all the rock’n’roll we lived through together! all these years you definitely were my partner in crime.

and both of us wanna THANK ALL OF YOU guys so much and from deep down of our hearts, for the numberless beautiful moments, shared nights, shared drinks, endless miles on the motorways, dozens of hangovers after living the dream every single fucking night.
we wanna thank you for being with us, keeping our rod the whole time, supporting us in every way possible!
YOU GUYS WERE FUCKIN AMAZING!!!…and we love you for that!!
without every single one of you, White Miles wouldn’t have been what it was to that point! you know that, and we will keep that valuation in our hearts, for always!

everybody being involved in White Miles over the years – you did a great job, and our gratitude is yours!
everybody in the White Miles Crew – I don’t know what to say… but a BIG BIG – THANK YOU!!!
you guys always been around us, watching our back, spending shit loads of time and a lot of effort to it, constantly! and you didn’t even get a penny for it…

rock’n’roll is a bitch…
blues is a sinner too’

White Miles”

“Crazy Horse” von ihrem letzten Album “The Duel”: